Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart: The Photographic Evidence!

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A supermarket tabloid may have gotten it right for once regarding Robsten.

Much to the chagrin of Robert Pattinson.

Following the bombshell Us Weekly report that Kristen Stewart cheated on Pattinson with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, the photographic evidence of this encounter has now been revealed - and if it's not 100% damning, it's fairly close to it.

Stewart and Sanders
More Stewart and Sanders

Stewart and Sanders are clearly locked in a couple embraces, with the magazine story quoting the photographer who snapped the pictures.

He claims the two were "kissing like crazy" inside Kristen's car and: "They'd only take a break whenever someone walked by. It seemed like they couldn't get enough of each other. She was swept up in the moment."

Neither Stewart nor anyone in her camp has denied the report, with one anonymous source simply telling People it was a one-time incident and Stewart is "devastated" over her actions.

But the ramifications of the alleged affair could be felt for a very long time: Sanders is married to Liberty Ross and has two children. Moreover, a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman is expected to start shooting in the near future... with both Stewart AND Ross attached! Then there's promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to consider.

Kristen Stewart is shy and uncomfortable around the press on a good day. How will she possibly react to this kind of attention?

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men do this all the time and they get away with it. you go kris


Rupert Sanders looks like a sex god!! I mean can you blame her :\


I´ve never liked Kristen. She´s the kind of woman who likes people to think she does´t enjoy attention but in reality she loves every minute of it and can´t get enough of it. She isn´t a big star but thinks she´s all that. Basically a narcissistic person. I could see through her before this. And this is nothin more than an attempt to gain even more attention. She saw Amber Heard getting much publicity through dating a married mand and apparently wanted to get a piece of it. I mean, she does this in public, it´s not like she didn´t want media to know. Robert Pattinson and this man here are nothing but tools to get her more fame.


I have no dog in the hunt, my life's happiness does not hinge
On their romance. But it strikes me as odd that for three years no one could get definitive photographic evidence of her and rob and that someone so paranoid about media would put on that display in open. Then make public apology through people magazine. Something is weird about this. In my cynical opinion this is a ploy... A distraction. 10 bucks they are throwing media off scent of a wedding.


So that is how she is getting parts! Sleep with the director!


I just feel bad for Sander's Kids and Rob!I can't belive it! I adore Kristen,but now i'm thinking twice about her!Right now I just hope nothing will happen to Breaking Dawn part 2.


HEY THAT'S SHOWBIZ! AHAHA JKAY. It sucks. He had a good stable family and she a good boyfriend. Mistakes like this aren't something people should carelessly let happen. Especially when it affects others.


Yeah before Robert started dating Kristen he was spotted with Nikki Reed and well Kristen must have screwed her over and now she's with Rob. It's her and Rupert's fault I can't believe they ruined a family and a relationship.


Obvliously Kristen doesnt "LOVE" rob if she's willing to hurt him like that. The same goes for Rupert he knows that he has a wife and kids to go home to.. so why do it? If you love someone that much then why put them through pain and heartbreak. They have no reason to even apologize to there loved ones.. whats done is done. They made the mistake now they have to live with it. I personally just hope they dont get away with it so easily..


Mistakes (and lapses in judgement) are unfortunately made every day... Regular joes don't have their mistakes on the cover of a magazine. Hope everyone involved now understands "actions and consequences" and they can move on.