Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart Apology: Unacceptable! Horrifying!

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We discussed it in a recent edition of THG Asks, but according to a new report, there really isn't a debate:

Kristen Stewart absolutely should NOT have issued a public apology after her affair with Rupert Sanders became tabloid and website fodder.

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The Sun Times quotes a source who says Pattinson is "horrified" that Stewart took such a step because he's a "very, very proud man" and:

"The two of them had this very specific personal agreement about not ‘going public’ with their relationship, until they both agreed it was the right time. To do it this way - apologizing for cheating on him - ended up being totally unacceptable."

Is there any hope at all for Robsten? It's too early to say, although Robert has reportedly packed up and moved out.

The insider claims Pattinson is trying to remain in seclusion so he can "digest it all," but his stance on the public apology is clear:

“'She only had to call two people,'" Rob supposedly said afterward. ""Me and [Liberty Ross, Sanders’ wife].”

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The girl had balls. The statement of the public apology was the only way to react. She made a wrong move, get caught by the paps. But she is trying to fix things up even if it put her futur at stake. It is brave. It was a very mature decision because if she had said nothing or denied it no one would have belived her.


Being honest and apologise was the only thing to do. If she had lied it would have been worst. But honestly she did not deserve the lashing out from people on internet. She made a mistake like the very young and naive woman that she is, and any other young naive woman in the world. We all make mistakes especially when we are young. All that mess is for making out with another man. Yes it was really wrong to do it. When you see all the scandals that had happened in hollywood, what is happening with ROBSTEN is a storm in a teacup, to help trash papers and tabloids. Why no one is lashing out on the director. He is the one who should have known better. He is the older one, the one who is married, with kids.


wow... i may not exactly agree with the public apology but it still took a lot of balls to do it... it's their life not ours... we will hear in a week or so that theyre back together or not back together... at least kristen tried to fix her career and relationship... strong girl to admit something like that..... you go girl


he is so right. even though i do believe kristen is a nice woman, her public apology let the world know she cared more about her reputation with fans than her relationship with the man she 'loved'. sorry kristen, everyone deserves a second chance but one mistake after another totally breaks an un-fixable trust.


she should have not publicly apologized..that was totally unacceptable..what was she trying to do, out their relationship because maybe she was sick of hiding it...that would suck, i kinda see where maybe she was going with this, but it probably hurt the other guys wife and children way more...very immature on her part..


omg it is the end of the world there is nothing else going on in the world cause it has come to an end all because kristen cheated on rob . who cares this has what to do with any of us just because they start in some movies makes them more important then anything else going on in the world realllllllyyyyyy? i mean for real get over it it does not affect you .


Robert :(


In my opinion i think Kristen is crazy very crazy poor Robert you don't deserve


I am a much older woman and see the folly in all this. Older men chasing young, immature girls. Kristin might be a movie star but she is very immature and vulnerable to men as creepy as this director. His wife should divorce him. . . he didn't think about his family. Kristin didn't think about Rob either. She is impulsive and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She appears very moody most of the time and if it wasn't for Rob. . . we all know where she would be and is now. Rob can do much better. He just doesn't know it yet. They have too much, are still too young, and once a cheater always a cheater. Being sneaky is part of the fun and lust of the game!


She is young and made a huge mistake. It is a life lesson,that unfortunatly, four adults are going to learn from.

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