Robert Pattinson Moves Out!

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If a new report is to be believed, the beginning of the end for Robsten is upon us.

A People insider tells that publication Robert Pattinson has moved out of the Los Angeles home he's been sharing with Kristen Stewart and:

"I'm not sure they'll be able to recover from this."

Robert Pattinson in a Tuxedo

THIS, of course, refers to Stewart's admitted affair with Rupert Sanders, which comes complete with sordid photos and a scorned wife and young kids.

Pattinson has not spoken publicly about the incident, but this same source says he's in seclusion and is simply "heartbroken and angry." We'd have to imagine so.

Back in April, Robert gave an interview in which he questioned why anyone would ever cheat and added that when he's in a relationship, he's "100% in it." How ironic and unfortunate that those words now come back to haunt him.

Hang in there, RP!

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I was so impressed with this guy Robert Pattinson. He said “I’m not the casual-affair kind of guy," Rob also told the magazine. "If I choose to be with someone it’s because I really want it. When I have a relationship, I’m 100% into it."
Kristen what are you searching for. He's the perfect Husband.. Out of 10 Loyal, Loving and Caring Boyfriend there is only one boy's like that.
tsk3.. Imma RobSten fan. I feel sorry for Robert.


Why fans put this pressure in her she is 22 young and need fredom she in no in contract with Robert the only life that she got is work and Rob plus Robert I blame Ruper he is the idiot he ruin her carer he knew better then that he is 42 for haven sake Kristen got to much on her shoulder Crazy fans Summit pressure to hide plus paparazzi who I blame for it the girl need to be young and if you are so perfect judge he Rob wasn't perfect he hide well that is the difference


A Leopard can not change it's spots. Once a cheater always a cheater :(


Maybe,Rob jst need to space and need time to think about what happen in his relationship with kristen.i know he so hurt and,just let him so worry after ths incident will ruin breaking dawn 2 promotion.
Even is a small hope,i wish they'll keep together


twilight AND total eclipse for this vapid vampire saga and hopefully for one of the most annoying, obnoxious, air-headed, dirtbag jerk of an "actress" ever to hit the screen.Cool she ain't.Slutty and low she is.Good on you,Mr.Pattinson for moving out.


To be heartbroken ain't good, but I'm so sure that the right girl who is worth for ROBERT PATTINSON's true love will come into his life.


ok first of all i think its a nother publisaty for there new movie and in the name of my god inheaven stop qritizzing kristen and if it did happen those fan's of hers should never ever tern there back on her are any other thay cliam are there calebs that is two faced :( hang in there robert darling and kris


If he did move out, I can understand that. I'm pretty sure he's hurt, and confused. I think it's important that she gives him his space so he can think things through on his own.


peggynooman, look at yourself in the mirror first before you criticize somebody or a place. Do you really think people would look at you or consider you good saying bad to the person like ROBERT PATTINSON who doesn't even know that you exist? Am gonna answer this for you, HUGE NO! You don't do that to the other people, even those people whom you know in person and not doing anything bad to you.


I think he made the right choice to end it. In Hollywood it's really hard to remain faithful. If she can't handle the temptation this time, I doubt she does the next time or the time after that...and so on. She fell for Rob on the set of Twilight, and fell for this guy on this movie. There is definitely a pattern here. As for the married man-SICK! She is half your age! And you have an attractive wife and CHILDREN!!! Maybe his wife and Rob should get together. Just sayin'.

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