Rihanna on Chris Brown: So Shocking, So DIRTY!

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Rihanna is a girl who makes no apologies for anything, least of all her recent collaboration with Chris Brown, who she calls "dirty" in the best possible way.

In a the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar (see the Rihanna Harper's Bazaar cover here), she discusses teaming up with her ex on her song “Birthday Cake.”

“I thought it would be cute to do it with a guy. I wondered, who can be dirty, someone who people will really believe?” she says of Chris' tag-team effort.

She adds that she wanted a guy "who could be shocking."

A Rihanna and Chris Brown Picture

Rihanna and Chris Brown in simpler, pre-felony assault times.

Even though she and Brown split up after he beat her badly in 2009, the two have made peace since; rumors that they're dating again are commonplace.

There was also the Chris Brown-Drake fight over her, but that's another story. As far as the song goes, Rih stands by it, saying it's all about the music.

“Music is music and my fans have been asking me to record with him,” she said, though many fans objected. “I just felt like it was time. It was time.”

“Look, I understand that people had every right to be concerned about it,” she explains. “But I didn’t see it that way because I’m in a different place.”

She proudly points out that the song hit #2 on the charts even though it wasn’t sold on iTunes, and says she wouldn't rule out future collaborations.

What do you think of Rihanna and Chris collaborating?

Should they get back together as a couple?


Chris brown and rihanna are two morons that make a good combo for everything.they are so similiar ie.without any morals.she deserves a creepy ass like Chris cos she enjoys being beaten.turns her on apparently.


I love the song. He did was he did, he's made amends and he's paid the price. As long as that's the only time it happens; if she can forgive him, why can't the rest of the world?


Rihanna needs to stop masturbating and she needs to stop singing trash songs about her vjay~jays. She needs to have some dignity and start acting like a human being.


i don't think anyone is ever going to be satisfied with chris brown no matter what he does, you can't crusify him for the rest of his life


she's evil and disgusting and all the people who think she's great need to seriously examine their head~shes illummunati they use shock techniques to brain wash dumb people~she wants to do a calloboration wid Chris brown cos she says he's “dirty“m?m?~~enough said


Riri nd Chris r ova tht shit tht happend on 09 bt yall still aint ova it...people deserve a second chance so dn't be talking bout if Riri forgives Chris she would be a fool,yall go 2 hell coz thts whr u belong....BIG UP 2 RIRI ND CHRIS,EVERYTHNG THT U GUYS TOUCH TURNS 2 GOLD...I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED U GUYS ND I ALWAYS WILL.


I'm not judging her. Statistically speaking, he's not a good bet. The way he beat her (not judging just stating facts) was horrendous. If she forgives him, that's great & a good example, but forgiving someone & getting bk 2gether are 2 completely different things.


I think is a good thing. Rihana need to show the world that 4giveness is needed, and by doing so, hope everyone must leave them alone. If they decided 2 go 4 the second chance, who are we 2 judge them?


I really hope she's not hooking up w/ him & that she's been able to move on & forgive him. I do worry about her, though, she appears to be partying a lot @ times which leads me to believe she never dealt w/ it & is using drugs & alcohol 2 escape-not ever a good idea!

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