Rihanna on Chris Brown: So Shocking, So DIRTY!

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Rihanna is a girl who makes no apologies for anything, least of all her recent collaboration with Chris Brown, who she calls "dirty" in the best possible way.

In a the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar (see the Rihanna Harper's Bazaar cover here), she discusses teaming up with her ex on her song “Birthday Cake.”

“I thought it would be cute to do it with a guy. I wondered, who can be dirty, someone who people will really believe?” she says of Chris' tag-team effort.

She adds that she wanted a guy "who could be shocking."

A Rihanna and Chris Brown Picture

Rihanna and Chris Brown in simpler, pre-felony assault times.

Even though she and Brown split up after he beat her badly in 2009, the two have made peace since; rumors that they're dating again are commonplace.

There was also the Chris Brown-Drake fight over her, but that's another story. As far as the song goes, Rih stands by it, saying it's all about the music.

“Music is music and my fans have been asking me to record with him,” she said, though many fans objected. “I just felt like it was time. It was time.”

“Look, I understand that people had every right to be concerned about it,” she explains. “But I didn’t see it that way because I’m in a different place.”

She proudly points out that the song hit #2 on the charts even though it wasn’t sold on iTunes, and says she wouldn't rule out future collaborations.

What do you think of Rihanna and Chris collaborating?

Should they get back together as a couple?


Hey, all you women out there-listen up! @ duh says if you are an 'illiterate moron' like Rihanna you deserve to have the 'shit beat' out of you. And also, @duh thinks that if you are an 'illiterate moron' like Rihanna the beating won't do you any good b/c, like Rihanna, it wouldn't 'knock any sense' into you. Brilliant, just brilliant. No wonder your name is duh.


It's not like she's some fallen angel or something. She was an illiterate moron before she got the shit beat out of her. Why does anyone think she got sense knocked into her? She is the same whack ass talentless hack that she always was! If she wants seconds, that's on her. Just stop your kids from idolizing this idiot. You don't have to buy her senseless mess that she calls "music". Would you go to someones house and take a bag of trash from their bin and offer them 16 dollars for it and then tell your kids to worship it?


Forbes ranked her at third.Riches person under thirty.


So WhAt WhO cArEs


@phlyflo-who said she shouldn't forgive him? I said it was great if she had . Might want to learn to read before throwing a unch of s*** around that doesn't make sense.


i agree w/ phly flo everybody deserves a 2 chance & ppl shoulnt judge ppl they dont no dont b a hater


ppl like 2tlk shit as if ordinary ppl dnt 4give their man 4hitting them so y crucify chris n riri? was it u dat got hit?


Hopefully when you grow up and learn to read and write you'll have higher aspirations for yourself than that.


Rihanna is my heroe cos she sings well and is rich and enjoys sexxx.she taught us to be an animal like a dog on heattt.to masturbation ourselves she teach us so well Love her my hero she also dress so fashion and is cool wen she talk is like drugs talking~cool


How can you sing a song called BIrthday CAke with a guy that once hit u? And by the title of this song we all know she's not talking about food~cos she's a slut~Really a siilly shameful woman.

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