Rihanna and Chris Brown DID Party Together, Source Says

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Did they or didn't they? That's the question concerning Rihanna and Chris Brown this week.

Days after the latter singer's rep shot down reports of this former couple reuniting on a yacht in St. Tropez, an insider tells Us Weekly that the pair DID, indeed, get together.

Rihanna in France
Sweaty Chris Brown

As Twitter photos have depicted, Rihanna and friends have been shopping and sunning in St. Tropez for awhile now and this source tells the tabloid she "changed her plans" last Friday night after hearing Brown was on his way to the area.

She allegedly called her ex from a satellite phone and arranged to meet him on his ridiculous mode of transportation: a yacht with a submarine, pool and two helicopter landings, which Brown is renting (for $400,000/week) along with Swizz Beatz and Ludacris for a music video shoot.

"Rihanna went and partied hard with the guys on their yacht," the mole claims.

Brown's current squeeze, Karrueche Tran, was also on board the vehicle, according to this source, and may not even have been aware that Rihanna was around. We'd doubt the validity of that report, but did you read the description of the yacht?!?

It's not small.

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I don't understand why people are so quick to believe everything they read. Trust and believe, if Rihanna and Chris Brown did kiss it would have been a picture. Because the way the Paps follows her around, they would have snapped that.


Is everybody so fucking stupid that they conveniently forgot that he beat the crap out of her? We don't hate him becasue he's Chris Brown and he's famous and rich, we hate him because he's a no-good wife-beater. No, they are not meant to be. But if they wanna be together, then that's her business, though it'll probably just end her up in the hospital again.


I love this two,may God bless them both. 4 me they are d best couples ever... No need hiding cos love is all dat matters...


Leave them damn kids alone, who care's! I mean if they want to see one another, then good for them. Why is people have to hate on Chris Brown? Don't hate because Chris is known for being long dick Willey lol. But with some of the people comments, I can agree that Chris do need to chill out. Chris baby, you starten to let me think that you never grew up from that night with Rihanna. You better slow your role before a problem go down the road. Chris have some many people that want to see him fail asap.


omg, the illiteracy on this comment page is making my head hurt. the stupid... it burns! go back to elementary school please and try to use proper grammar. shortened and abbreviated words are just fine but damn at least make your sentences make sence! yeesh....


Hey can you please live rihanna alone why did chris went to France , he did know that RiRi she's they that is why


lndyee or rank watever ur name iz...........u hatin on her while she doin her tin u callin her a sloot iz jst u foolin around.....shez fuckin rich famous nd anitin u can tink of...bt u'r here hatin her hahahahaha u'r a moron fucking dump....i luv u riri


What's the news?? CB and his gf are happy ok...but he does look deadly/haggard to me...something is not right with that boy!!!


If RiRi was on that boat with Chris Kae had to know. The whole situation is just stupid all of them need 2 just move on and find new love. Kae stupid and RiRi stupid 4all wanting 2 seehim if Kae was there why would he bring her if he knew RiRi was in France. It just dont make since wats going on.


I firmly believe that rhianna is a sloot

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