Report: Solange Calls Out Beyonce Over Kim Kardashian Friendship

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A Knowles family feud is reportedly brewing, and it's all over Kim Kardashian.

The singer and the professional celebrity have been spotted out together multiple times over the last couple weeks, appearing to actually enjoy one another's company, and Solange Knowles is far from happy about it.

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“In Solange’s eyes, Beyonce is a stand-out star, a premier singer of our time, whereas Kim is just a reality TV star who only got famous after a sex tape was leaked,” a source tells The National Enquirer, pretty much just reciting facts.

Following photos of Kim and Beyonce dancing as a pair at a Kanye West/Jay-Z concert last month, the siblings reportedly got into a blowout.

“[Solange] called Beyonce out on it, and they had a fight over Kim," says the insider. "It culminated with Beyonce telling Solange she can be friends with whomever she wants.”

Kardashian also gave Beyonce a $5,000 bracelet for daughter Blue Ivy recently, one inscribed with "Love Auntie Kim." Even Beyonce thought it was a tad much.


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You all need to be nice to Kim. She is the epitome of class and dignity. The Kardashians are the closest thing this country will ever have to royalty. In fact they are America's royal family. KIM KARDASHIAN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!


solange needs to know that beyonce is grown and she can be friends with anyone she wants to be friends with you can give your comment about but it does not mean she has to stop being friends with her cuz you want her to if she wants to take your advice and do it she will but if she wants to be friends with kim then thats what she is going to do and you have to respect that or just dont get involved in that you guys are sisters and both of you are beautiful and talented young ladies that have different minds and your grown enough to make your decision that you like.


It doesn't matter what they are no one can choose people friendships it just happens that way.


Shut the fuck people are going to be people solange don't have a life I would be jealous too if I have to hang out with my sister all the time. She don't have no money. Kim love you be wat u be people can call u slit hoe wat ever she RICH BITCH WHO ARE YALL NO BODY LITTLE PEOPLE HATE ON HER I LOVE YOU KIM HO AND ALL


Who cares really there are more important things in this world to worry about like someone said we don't know whats what and if its even true


The posting is a new low for THG.


The whole lot of them act like trash-pot calling the kettle black.wHATS THE DIFFERENCE. Solange should also grow up and stop telling her sister who to hang out with. Thats just selfish. we all know kim is a slutt, but Beyonce also is a profressional slutt, So SOLANGE SHOULDNT ACT ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY.


why pple care so much '' pple's life everyone need to get a life huh


Dont forget ray j,justin and slick rick.


I preffer kim atleast she believes in God no matter what her past is.

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