Report: Solange Calls Out Beyonce Over Kim Kardashian Friendship

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A Knowles family feud is reportedly brewing, and it's all over Kim Kardashian.

The singer and the professional celebrity have been spotted out together multiple times over the last couple weeks, appearing to actually enjoy one another's company, and Solange Knowles is far from happy about it.

Solange Knowles Photographer
Kim Kardashian as Party Host
Beyonce, Daughter

“In Solange’s eyes, Beyonce is a stand-out star, a premier singer of our time, whereas Kim is just a reality TV star who only got famous after a sex tape was leaked,” a source tells The National Enquirer, pretty much just reciting facts.

Following photos of Kim and Beyonce dancing as a pair at a Kanye West/Jay-Z concert last month, the siblings reportedly got into a blowout.

“[Solange] called Beyonce out on it, and they had a fight over Kim," says the insider. "It culminated with Beyonce telling Solange she can be friends with whomever she wants.”

Kardashian also gave Beyonce a $5,000 bracelet for daughter Blue Ivy recently, one inscribed with "Love Auntie Kim." Even Beyonce thought it was a tad much.


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Everybody mind there business please. Thank you let GOD do his job, not humans,we are quick to judge someone, you can't, if you was minding your business you wont be in nobody else business. GOD BLESS


Who are u to judge her?


Kim is A happy lady.Stop bringing her spirit down


Leave her alone


Hey guys leave kim alone.face ur lives!She Didn't kill any one!


Solange who are u to judge kim?Did she kill anyone?because that foolish ray J xpose the sex tape he n kim had fun u now want to see her in a bad light.Is it not d same sex we hve everyday?Pls leave kim alone we love her!God love her...Stop seeing d nagative side of someone,judge ur self.As u can see,she is a better person with good heart.Something gets to something ur sister is famous because she sings kim is famous because her (ex expose the sex tape the made love together,so what)?Pls leave my kim alone!!!


Solange or whatever ur name is,who are u to judge Kim.we all hve sex,which ever way u want to see it,it cld have been u.Ray J is now happy,but God will judge him.Sweethrt,u dnt have to love kim,she is not in ur class.She is nice,passionate,kind.we love her.God loves her.there are millionss of pple today sinning,but God is still faithful & gracious to of them is u.Stop judging kim.Mind ur bussines n leave My kim alone...


There's always a second chance,Solange stop hating up on Kim..beyounce has every right to choose her friends,Kim isn't begging for her friendship,Kim has got class and personality,so get a life and leave Kim alone


I hope that Beyoncce does'nt give that bracelet to her little one until she has it tested for std's....God knows how many men have boned out skank azz Kim!....Solange has every right to be mad that Bey is hanging out with Kim's white trash azz...Kim might break a piece off and give it to Jay-Z on the sly!...We all know what hobag Kim be!


Woah royalty you must have a screw loose up in that crazy ass head of yours that bitch is a slit and apparently a professional ass kisser and her stupid ass mom that has no time of her other kids but only time for that slut she should be hung

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