Report: Matt Lauer Solely Responsible for Ann Curry Today Show Firing

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Savvy viewers noted it: Ann Curry did not look Matt Lauer in the eye during his farewell speech to her on Curry's final day as The Today Show co-host. She also barely acknowledged his hug.

Now we know why: according to an Us Weekly source, Lauer was "100 percent behind Ann leaving" the morning program after just one year, with the reporters "really icy to each other" in the days leading up to the official ousting.

"She refused to speak to him all week," an insider said of Curry.

Ann Curry and Matt Lauer

Curry has been demoted to foreign correspondent for NBC, while Savannah Guthrie now occupies her chair alongside Lauer.

But it didn't go unnoticed by many that Curry didn't officially introduce Guthrie last week, and on Savannah's first full day as co-host, nary a word was spoken about the woman she replaced.

Somewhere, Conan O'Brien is feeling Curry's pain.

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My wife and I are not and will not watch the today show.


We have banned the today show from our TV in the morning. who cares if your ratings went down?!?! It wasn't Ann that's for sure! Ann was the best, and when you fired her you did it in about 30 seconds! When Meridith left there was a whole show all about her, but not for Ann! I hope the Today Show ratings go all the way down and you will have to shut it down, because you will pay for firing her you will pay!


My comment is that I hope NBC goes down like the Titanic. I started watching CBS This Morning and like like their format.With Charlie Rose, Erica Hill and Carole King good job CBS.


The Monday after NBC gave Ann Curry the worst goodbye I have ever witnessed, I ended my 40 year+ relationship with the Today Show. They are classless, and do not deserve loyal viewers. I know they won't care about me since I "skew" too old. Skew you, NBC. For Ann, for Conan, and for your long-suffering viewers. On the up side, Seth is doing a great job with Kelly Ripa. I could get to like that.


Ann Curry IS a class act and I'm appalled at the cold way in which she got the "ax" -- and Savannah Guthrie is an UN- stylish twit. she has no where near the class that Ann has. Maybe Savannah and Matt have something going???


What a BIG MISTAKE letting Ann Curry go shame on NBC. When you film "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer" where ever he is let him stay there we don't care where he is. Best of luck to you Ann in all your endeavors. SHAME SHAME ON YOU NBC.....


Shame on you for letting Ann Curry go. Savannah is okay but she is a lawyer, not a television personality! Put her back where she belongs. It is so obvious. How is it that I can see this and you cannot?


Ann Curry was and is a classic act. I'm sure she's gonna shine wherever she focuses. Too bad for NBC who cannot discern the gem. Finding out that Matt Lauer was behind this confirms my instinct that I've been watching NBC for Ann's humanity and not for his artificial ordinary ways. As for me, I've turned off my recorder for NBC Today. Will try another network instead.


The show's producers need the axe, not Curry. The show was BORING. (Stopped watching after the low-class send off for Curry. Really, guys. 15 years and she doesn't even get a video montage?!) Ann was great, but was misused. Lauer is serviceable in this format, but the show is going down to GMA. Anchors are only part of the mix. You MUST give the personalities interesting content to present. I couldn't have given the drivel presented the last year the time of day as a host. Retread material, stories covered the week before on local news, YouTube videos of animals!?! BORING. Enjoy your trip to the bottom of the ratings.


NBC has no ethics. No one needs to be treated like Ann Curry was. I don't have a problem with someone loosing their job. It was the way it was done. I wasn't shocked how Matt Lauer handeled it because he is a back biting coward. He is the one I would like to see go. He is a pompus arrogant ass. I will never watch the Today Show again. What a coward of a network . If it wasn't for the Olympics, I would never have to look at Matt Lousier face again. You should be ashamed of yourself, Ann did nothing to earn this treatment.