Report: Matt Lauer Solely Responsible for Ann Curry Today Show Firing

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Savvy viewers noted it: Ann Curry did not look Matt Lauer in the eye during his farewell speech to her on Curry's final day as The Today Show co-host. She also barely acknowledged his hug.

Now we know why: according to an Us Weekly source, Lauer was "100 percent behind Ann leaving" the morning program after just one year, with the reporters "really icy to each other" in the days leading up to the official ousting.

"She refused to speak to him all week," an insider said of Curry.

Ann Curry and Matt Lauer

Curry has been demoted to foreign correspondent for NBC, while Savannah Guthrie now occupies her chair alongside Lauer.

But it didn't go unnoticed by many that Curry didn't officially introduce Guthrie last week, and on Savannah's first full day as co-host, nary a word was spoken about the woman she replaced.

Somewhere, Conan O'Brien is feeling Curry's pain.

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Such a disappointment when Ann left. She added such class to the news, such feeling. I looked forard to visiting with her everyday. I have switched to another station, not because I think they are better, but because after 40 years of being a loyal fan of NBC, I am embarrassed at the way the departure of Anne was handled. SHAME on you.


Matt? Matt who? At the most, his #1 characteristic...he's very boring. After moments watching him, all one hears coming from his lips is a dull, numb, buzzing blah, blah, blah... NBC should consider a replacement. Please.


I am disappointed that NBC would replace Ann and act as if she is the reason for low ratings. I am not in the TV business but I do have common sense.." That dog won't hunt!" "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it is raining." The reason I switched to GMA is because Robin, George, Sam, Josh, Lara and Amy is a better and more well rounded team. They are outstanding interviewers, knowledgeable, resourceful,, compassionate, empathetic, entertaining, and interesting to watch.


NBC... No Body Cares .. It's obvious since Comcast took over that Today Show is just a space filler for product placement shots, Fluff pieces and Kathy Lee. Muggs is spinning in his grave. Dumb the who show and air Law and Order reruns. Any thing is better than "I want to be the next Nightly News Anchor" Matt Lauer. NBC ... I dont Care


It's time for Matt to go! I have no interest in this show since Ann's departure. It was very apparent on her last day that Matt wanted and helped her off the show. We need to tell NBC that Matt has to go if you want your ratings to improve. It's time to push Matt out the door! Let the campaign begin.


The Today Show has lost a magnet in Ann Curry. I do not care to watch this network, which was my favorite for all time. She was a professional journalist and I loved her international reporting and manning the NEWS desk. Big mistake NBC, big mistake!!!But Ann might be the winner yet!! I will follow her endeavers.


NBC has made so many mistakes. Matt seems to feel they can't do it
without him, surprise Matt they can and should. The buck should have stopped with you. You said to everyone you were responsible for the show losing in the ratings war, so why are you still there?
Many of us were hoping you wouldn't sign your contract....but you did when you saw who was waiting to take your place. What NBC did to Ann was awful, someone who did so many crap stories that Matt wouldn't or maybe couln't do. Ann should go to Oprah or Good Morning America where they show a little class. Ann Curry can do better then stay with NBC.


Just when I thought it was safe to watch NBC, they have Ann covering the Aurora shooting tragedy.
Ann, we know this was a shocking and horrible event. We don 't need you to tell us -we saw Matt stay overtime today.
I see the NBC suits have you and Savannah wearing your mourning duds. The big black glasses are a new look -you go girl!
We really don 't need to be told how "horrible " this is. Just tell the story.


It seems strange that the suits at NBC have turned to the only person who can pull of this sensitive coverage in Aurora Col.
is ANN CURRY. You don't see Matt Lauer on a plane to cover this story, you see Ann Curry up rooting herself from her family to cover this horrific story. Ann will be totally a pro while covering this nightmare, and you will see the weekend Today show ratings go
through the roof. Matt doesn't have the honest sincereness that will be needed to cover. I even hear the Savannah will be there with Ann and maybe(not maybe, I know) that she will learn from the
master. My prayers go out to all in Colorado and may they R.I.P.


I watched the show for years because of Ann. Even though she was not the anchor I looked forward to her news reports. There is just something unique about her. She is real. Don't like the new co-host much. Changing to CBS.

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