Report: Matt Lauer Solely Responsible for Ann Curry Today Show Firing

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Savvy viewers noted it: Ann Curry did not look Matt Lauer in the eye during his farewell speech to her on Curry's final day as The Today Show co-host. She also barely acknowledged his hug.

Now we know why: according to an Us Weekly source, Lauer was "100 percent behind Ann leaving" the morning program after just one year, with the reporters "really icy to each other" in the days leading up to the official ousting.

"She refused to speak to him all week," an insider said of Curry.

Ann Curry and Matt Lauer

Curry has been demoted to foreign correspondent for NBC, while Savannah Guthrie now occupies her chair alongside Lauer.

But it didn't go unnoticed by many that Curry didn't officially introduce Guthrie last week, and on Savannah's first full day as co-host, nary a word was spoken about the woman she replaced.

Somewhere, Conan O'Brien is feeling Curry's pain.

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I miss Ann Curry so much. She was and is such a compassionate human being and reporter. Savannah just doesn't have the grace and experience Ann Curry has. Thank you Ann for being such a class act. Will watch you whenever your reporting.


I have to admitt that I am completely disgusted with the Today Show. Ann Curry she should be the co-host and not Savannah Guthrie. She is boring and I think she should go. I stopped watching the Today show when Meredith was on and started watching again when Ann became the co-host. I don't know all the details or what is true, but it seems very unfair and Ann will be missed. I think that i'll start watching GMA. If it's all true in what you read about Lauer and his rudness towards Curry he should go. What a mistake to let Curry go! She is genuine, kind and always Amazing!And just another note, It should be Ann at the Olympics and not Meredith to Savannah! It's a real disapointment that the Today show has done what they have done!


I'm just warching the Olympics wishing Ann Curry were reporting rather than boring ol' Matt& Meredith .... ugh!! They should've fired Matt... noone wants 2 make see him!! I adored Ann ...she was the reason I started watching Today again... never even considered watching any other morning shows b4 but since NBCs most recent mistake, I now faithfully watch GMA instead


Ann curry is the best I've seen in years,I can't believe they replace her with that woman ,which all she does is flirt with Matt,I do not watch today I watch good morning so there rating may go higher,I hope Ann will go with good morning


During a GMA commercial, I caught Ryan Seacrest in London. THEN there was that awkward Savannah standing there messing up words and missing her cues to start back babbling! Savannah is so very irritating and unsettling to watch! Ann Curry should be front and center covering the Olympics. Ann is so good and brave and competent! Gee, I miss Ann Curry. How do those twits at NBC sleep at night, especially Capus!


NBC should replace both Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. Bring Ann back. You treated her very unfairly and should be ashamed. Matt is old and unattractive. Savannah is very superficial and she is not a natural. Correct this evil done against Ann before Karma catches up with your network.


I agree that the ratings went down when Meredith took over. Nice lady but poor anchor. We stopped watching then but started again when Ann took the Cochair. Won't be watching anymore.


I agree with everyone, I loved the show when Ann was made anchor. Matt needs to go. He is boring, and loves himself a little to much. But typical of a good old boy's club blame the female.....Hey bean counters get your head out of your butt.


I can see that sincere anchors like Ann Curry don't have a place on the Today show.
They want the sexy little skinny ones like Savannah & Natalie.....again it appears to
be arrogant Matt Layer getting the kudos.
Shame on you CBS.....I have no respect for the decision makers.
Matt is too old now better look for another young Buck. I am bored with the lack of male eye candy


I loved Ann and she added some human feeling and touch to the Today Show. What's with Savannah she
has been around a few years.....not impressed at all. I will start watching the other channels. I have always been a fan, but you guys have done yourself in by firing Ann. You just lost a viewer of the Today
Show.. Matt and Natalie can go do their thing together.. really sad situation.

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