Report: Matt Lauer Solely Responsible for Ann Curry Today Show Firing

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Savvy viewers noted it: Ann Curry did not look Matt Lauer in the eye during his farewell speech to her on Curry's final day as The Today Show co-host. She also barely acknowledged his hug.

Now we know why: according to an Us Weekly source, Lauer was "100 percent behind Ann leaving" the morning program after just one year, with the reporters "really icy to each other" in the days leading up to the official ousting.

"She refused to speak to him all week," an insider said of Curry.

Ann Curry and Matt Lauer

Curry has been demoted to foreign correspondent for NBC, while Savannah Guthrie now occupies her chair alongside Lauer.

But it didn't go unnoticed by many that Curry didn't officially introduce Guthrie last week, and on Savannah's first full day as co-host, nary a word was spoken about the woman she replaced.

Somewhere, Conan O'Brien is feeling Curry's pain.

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They should have gotten rid of Matt. Because of his arrogance, I switched to CBS news way before Ann was fired. Also, what's up with Amy Robbock leaving NBC for CBS? I'm glad she left, she's a hottie!!


I too have watched the Today show through many different host. What Ann Curry was before becoming the co-host was magnificent. After she became the co-host, in my opinion she changed. In my opinion, she was no longer the Ann Curry that I watched and enjoyed for so many years. Following Meredith had to be really difficult, but trying to become Meredith didn't work. I'm sorry, I like Savannah a lot and I hope that she stays true to herself. I'm sorry for what happened to Ann, but to go out in the world and do the shows that she does so well is awesome. Getting up every morning not so awesome. I miss Meredith..


I have watched the Today Show faithfully for 20 years. To me, they used Ann Curry as a scapegoat for the reason their ratings have fallen. Ann Curry is a class act. Ann is compassionate, warm, funny, a dare-devil. Great reporting voice. She was a real person asset to the Show, one they will never be able to replace. Nothing against Savanah or Meredith but they do not hold a candle to Ann. Time will show management they made a Huge Mistake. It will be a great day when Ann's contract is over and hoepfully another morning show will sign her on. No longer a faithful viewer. Same holds true for other members of my family and friends.


I can't believe that the today show fired Ann Curry. I loved her she is real nothing fake about her. Matt on the other hand is fake. I use to be a loyal Today show viewers. NOT ANY MORE


I stopped watching Today because Ann was fired. Matt Lauer is awful


I switched to GMA because I can't stand to watch Savannah. I is Ann and I hope they replace Matt -- karma!


I quit watching Today when Ann left. Somebody screwed up badly letting her go. Matt is the one who should have gotten the boot. Bad move on NBC's part. They just shot themselves in the foot.


are these folks for real or what. I think Anne was so phony with the way she always talked to people and her phony laugh was just to much to watch. I for one, am glad she is gone. If it wasn't for Matt the show would just not be the same. The next one that needs to go is Al. For some reason he thinks he is stand up comedian and can realy get on a persons nerves.....


I quit watching Today show since Ann left. Matt and Savanna are horrible people. Unfortunatly I am forced to watch NBC but not The Today Show and throw up. I catch highlights on GMA. Wow I should of watched that. They're great. I sure wish Ann Curry could on that show. They have very positive images.


I miss Ann, great hostess, nothing to do with her replacement, no professional as Ann, at all! My interest in the show has decreased since she left!