Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon Pictures: Released! Controversial!

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Another tabloid cover of Kate Middleton is creating quite a stir in Great Britain - but this one is actually real.

Unlike the photoshopped image of Middleton with yellow teeth, an Australian magazine called Woman's Day has published an image of Kate and Prince William on their honeymoon on North Island, a tiny archipelago in the Seychelles.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon Photo

It's unclear how a paparazzi member sneaked on to the tropical paradise, as it's rumored to be home to more tortoises than people. But one insider said the shutter bug likely earned an enormous payday for the pic.

"Any shot of them on their honeymoon was going to go for at least half a million but because Kate is in a bikini I would estimate that this is a million dollar shot," celebrity business journalist Jo Piazza told Yahoo! Shine.

It's true. For all the Kate Middleton fashion trends out there, best of luck trying to find another photo of the would-be-queen in a bathing suit.

Sources say the royal couple is "distraught" over the leaking of the picture, as they went to great lengths to keep the honeymoon destination a secret from the press.

Reports say that coast guard patrolmen and security teams were even stationed around the bungalow in which Kate and William stayed. Clearly, someone either messed up or was in on the tabloid scoop, however.

Over a dozen additional images of Middleton and her prince swimming and strolling are featured inside the issue.


To say that she needs twenty pounds to "look womanly" implies that naturally thin women lacking curves are less "womanly". I absolutely hate the "real women have curves" thing that's going on. The average woman has a 34-35" waist at 5'4". (Women with a waist size 35" and above are 70% more likely to die from heart disease.) Funny thing is, the 50's women's bodies that we say are "real women" were actually the same height with a 24-25" waist. Enough with the fat acceptance movement; it frightens me how unaware we are of how unhealthy it is to be fat.


I hate how the media is so stuck up their asses and act as if they dont have flaws. Where is the sexy that i am suppose to be seeing? All i see is baldilocks and a pack of bones. Bones is not attractive.

Wv peach

Poor girl, she'll have difficulty conceiving with such low body mass index. Please!!!


Kate is Ethiopian- like skinny and she loves it that way. That's her skinny ass body. She needs another 20 lbs on her to even look womanly. I know I sound jealous, but I'm not. There are many celebrity bodies I would love to have. Food for thought: Didn't princess Diana have an eating disorder too? Is that a pre-req for marrying into the royal family? The upside is, they are definitely in love, and it's so refreshing to see.


How about talking about the fact that she looks utterly and frighteningly skinny?

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