Prince Jackson Lashes Out, Alleges Mistreatment of Grandmother

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grandma's here! #thankyougod.

So Paris Jackson Tweeted this morning, expressing gratitude that Katherine Jackson returned home after 10 days apart from the three children for whom she had been serving as legal guardian.

But the scandal surrounding this 82-year old, her extended disappearance and the alleged plot surrounding her children trying to change Michael Jackson's will is far from over.

Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson

Prince Jackson actually got involved in the saga today, posting a text message from July 23 on Twitter today that reads: "This is enough so I am texting you for the simple fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!!!"

The creepy response appears to be from Janet Jackson and it says: "Don't let them pls."

Prince goes on to bash the relatives that supposedly took Katherine from her California home - led by uncle Randy Jackson - and writes:

"Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt. For this whole time, they denied us contact to our grandmother. If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth.”

Katherine Jackson spoke out last night for the first time and claimed she just needed a brief vacation. But her state in the interview and the fact that she never made contact with Prince, Paris and Blanket raise many questions over just what the heck has been going on.

Conclude Prince, the oldest of MJ's three kids: "As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways."


@sara: hey lady, stop taking bath salts or pcp. You want Jackson's money to stay out of 'white hands', but guess what, black ppl have white palms so technically it will never happen. You should go learn proper grammar and verbiage because you sound like a fool.


one of MJ bodyguards introduce him to Dr Murder when Paris got sick while they were on a trip in Las Vegas. What Is It can say all he wants to say and some of the whites can bad mouth the Jackson family all that want to but, blacks in LA and all across this country love that family and if they are not treated fairly in this matter there will be HELL TO PAY!!! Trust me. I truly hope that a Judge will intervene and check behind all these adoptions, Wills, and other shady deals that MJ conducted while those doctors kept him strung out on drugs and under the influence of propopol. I am not so concerned about the white children. Not because I don't care but rest assured the white folks who are commited this crime against the Jacksons, will take of them. I can really feel a pot boiling over in this country regarding this matter and hope that a Riot does not ensue.


@sara - obviously your deluded opinion is your reality. Not what Michael did, said, stood for, medical & court records show. My best friend milagro & VERY light...she's had comments her WHOLE LIFE from racists like you. People like you killed him - you're saying the same s*** the media did - he's white, they're not his does it matter? Michael's legacy isn't skin color- it's the BILLIONS of ppl he helped. B/c his color changed no legacy? That's straight up racist as the KKK. You're no MJ fan, just a black man fan. Bulls***.


@Sara & @mekeala your opinion can't change they're his biological kids. Mike had vitiligo, makes skin patchy & dark gets lighter. Pics of Mike's arms shows it. He had treatment to even out patches which made him light. People like you 2 made him SUFFER b/c you criticized him for bulls*** & it KILLED HIM. His fans know Mike represents l.o.v.e. You should be ashamed that you don't promote what he stood for.


You people on this board are pretty dumb. Quit conspiring that Michael didn't want white children. Bullshit! Of course he did! He also didn't want anything to do with a lot of his family. If he really loved those kids, he wouldn't have been stupid enough to use propofol to go to sleep with. Stop acting like Michael had no choice and was powerless. That's not true. He knew what he was doing. Get a brain people. As far as I'm concerned those kids should be taken out of that home, and put in the care of foster parents until they are old enough to take care of themselves. Obviously no one is looking after those kids and they don't belong in that home. Look at how unhappy Prince was during the Oprah interview. Actions speak louder than words.


Sara, thank you a more realistic post. Who Is It, you are too wrong. Whether opinion or fact, this boy was framed because of jis distorted and mentally disturbed views of his own race. Michael wanted to be white. He tried to become white. But ended up with this monterous look that was never truly, "white". Then he adopted an entire white family and cut himself off from his heirs. His white doctor and his white secretary captalized on that. Call it fact or opinion it is what happened. Michael was very sad and I still idolized and loved him and his entire talenyed family most of my life. I remember his first stage appearence and he has never appeared battered or abused. Who Is It you probably hated Michael when he was alive but now that he left all his money to white children.


@mekeala- what I've said- DNA tests, etc - can be proven by legal documentation 10-15 years before he died. End of debate. Stating an opinion is 1 thing but stating something as fact when it's not is another. There's no legal documentation for anything you've said, therefore, it's all your opinion. Which you are more than entitled to, but please be clear that that's what it is - no more no less.


Opinions are like... everybody's got one. Michael was not stable, he didn't even finish the paperwork to declare these children legally his. These children do not look mixed to me. but nobody knows for sure. Therefore I must question the validity of any DNA that says he was the biological father. Michael wa too sick to be in chare of his finances long before he died. Too bad the Jackson family couldn't do anything about it. I agree with the other poster that white folks only cares because these are white chiildren. If they were black children you wouldn't give a hoot.


@Mekeala- also prove Mike wasn't mentally stable his last few years...I doubt many of us could've survived 1/2 of what he did in his life while giving to hundreds of millions who suffered. Mike's greatest achievements weren't so much his talents, they were his humanitarian efforts & his kids. It's so sad that so many have been swayed by race & bias & the media (their god) & forget just how much he did..they'd rather denegrate him...disgusting imo.


@mekeala- FACT- Joe Jackson stated on Oprah he hit his kids approx 1 year after Mike died. He's not in jail - it's called 'statute of limitations.' FACT -court documented DNA tests prove Paris, Prince & Blanket are his biological kids. You've stated many opinions as FACTS - show the proof...that they're not his kids, that Joe didn't hit his kids, etc. And then please stop spewing out biased racial epithets as FACTS...Mike would be shdh

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