Pregnant Snooki Pushes 30-Pack of Beer Around in Stroller

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Pregnant Snooki is preparing hardcore for her impending arrival.

She's quit drinking, she's cut back on partying and she's no longer tanning. She's even getting practice with a stroller ... transporting a 30-pack of Coors Light.

If there were ever a picture worth 1,000 words ...

Snooki, Stroller, Beer

Sporting hot pink shades, a big brown shirt reading BOSS and her growing baby bump, Snooki looked more or less like her usual strollin' in Seaside Heights, N.J.

The beer was (hopefully) just a joke, or for one of her Jersey Shore cohorts.

"It's different because now I'm not drinking," said the star recently. "Pregnancy made me grow up a lot." Just wait until that little horny baby is born ...

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"might as well practice with my old "baby" before I have the new baby to push around".


I can have cravings too..


Snooki's way of buying Baby Bottles


What? Who says my baby can't have a 6 pack?


What else is the baby supposed to drink? Clearly, I'm not breastfeeding!!!


You put the beer in the stroller and you drink it all up. I say DOCTOR.....that's beer at my feet, not water.


10 for me, 10 for Jionni, 10 for Jionni Jr


Im not pregnant- im just a fat midget. Lets party.

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