POLL: Should Mitt Romney Release More Tax Returns?

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It's an issue Democrats will not let go of, and one even many Republicans now believe must be addressed:

Mitt Romney has released tax returns from 2010 and 2011. But he has so far refused to delve further into his past, raising questions about what sort of loopholes or offshore accounts the Presidential candidate is hiding.

Mitt Romney Campaigns

"We've given all people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life," Ann Romney said today on Good Morning America.

But even prominent conservatives such as Haley Barbour think Romney ought be more forthright, and a USA Today survey of 539 adults show one-third of Republicans agree.

It hasn't been the best week for Romney. He was booed during an NAACP after making a comment about Obamacare.

Where do you stand on the tax return issue? Should Romney release more documents?


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Matt, I have only posted once. Take a chill pill and let go of the refresh button to see if I have posted a rebuttal. I don't know if you get this, but not paying taxes is STEALING from the government. This is why people go to prison for tax evasion. And Obama taxing for Obama care? Again, off subject. You tea baggers really don't know how to stay on topic do you? Why don't you ask about his birth certificate next?


Why don't you list a user if you want a point made. People like to see who they are talking to.


You can't debate can you, you can't even stay with the same handle.


Your hvsband is correct.I do not give a hoot about Obamas past or Bushes past lets worry on the future and on this election.


Obama may not be the one who deserves being president. Look at the company he keeps- Warren Buffett- 1billion owed. People watch the news- the news has a slow week and people want to see tax returns.


@ Me- Maybe credibility has a lot to do with his showing his transcripts. George Bush did it and he was lucky to get a C average. A state of emergency on Americans part of seeing the Tax Returns does not make it a top priority to Romney or me. So which have something to hide? No President hides college transcripts. Above Paying taxes? You are DEAD WRONG- HE IS TAXED. Obama obviously not above taxing people for Healtcare.


My husband a Republican says, If Romney wants the job, he should release what they want. Obama has the job.If Romney is serious, he will do what he needs to do to win the election in order to make people happy.


Transparency, though promised by the Obama Admin was NOT forthcoming, so should we worry about Romney's tax returns? I've never decided my vote on this sort of detail regarding any candidate. Democrat John Carey is wealthier than Romney. I couldn't even tell you what his tax returns were when he ran for office....it wasn't an issue...he was a liberal loser in so many other ways--like Obama. Thus, I'll take Romney along with his tax returns...seen and unseen! At least Mitt filed and paid taxes. Look at all the tax cheats who work for Obama and are his close friends. That speaks much more deeply to me. Where's the "fair share" with these folks?!?


No-Brainer-Yes! Does he claim his full income? I want to know.


I would like Romney to tell me what is his plan to help unemployment.I want is take on the drought and war.I do not care to see his tax returns.I want him to sell me his plan.