Joe Paterno Statue: Removed from Penn State Campus

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Following a scathing report by an unbiased investigator, which implicated Joe Paterno directly in a cover-up that allowed Jerry Sandusky to roam free years after he sexually molested a series of young boys, Penn State officially have taken down the statue of the legendary coach from its campus.

University President Rod Erickson said he reached the decision because the statue "has become a source of division and an obstacle to healing" and would be "a recurring wound" to victims of abuse had it remained.

Joe Paterno Statue Pic

Despite enormous public pressure for the statue to go, the Paterno family remains in the corner of the former head coach, who died in February of lung cancer.

The removal "does not serve the victims of Jerry Sandusky's horrible crimes or help heal the Penn State community," said the family in a statement, taking issue with the report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh being treated as a legal verdict and adding:

"It is not the University's responsibility to defend or protect Joe Paterno. But they at least should have acknowledged that important legal cases are still pending and that the record on Joe Paterno, the board and other key players is far from complete."

What do YOU think? Should Penn State have taken down the statue?


Happy to hear the statue is gone. They should sell it for scrap and give the money to students who can't afford books. I don't know why there was a statue in the first place. He was a very highly paid employee and several family members are still on the Penn State payroll with real high paying and cushy jobs... Next thing to do is rename anything with his name on it. Instead of hating him for covering up for his child molesting buddy we should forget him better still.


The story's like a jack rabbit.


There once was a day, many years ago if this were to happen Sandusky would have been pulled off the field immediately after the 1st accusation. Winning? Is this what it's all about? It's not about morals.! A trap was set for other kids because no one would speak up. What kind of brainwashed people would look the other way. They should take the statue and gut the whole university staff.


I think it kind of sucks since he passed away, and he was a legend. But then again he shouldn't have covered up for Sandusky, and should have helped prevent the molestations. But they should at least let the family keep the statue.

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