Paris Jackson to Janet Jackson: Get the Eff Out!

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Details have emerged regarding the incident at the Jackson home in Calabasas this week.

As previously reported, police were called to investigate some sort of altercation on the property, although no arrests were made and no names of family members involved revealed at the time.

Paris Jackson Photograph
Janet on Tour

But TMZ now cites sources who say it all started when Randy, Jermaine and Janet Jackson drive up in their SUV and tried to force Paris, Prince, and Blanket into the vehicle.

The reported goal? To unite the children with grandmother Katherine Jackson, who has been in Arizona and out of contact for over a week.

HOWEVER, Paris objected to the surprise visit/mission and grew especially angry when Janet tried to take away her cell phone, causing the singer to supposedly scream at her niece:

"You're a spoiled little b*tch!"

Paris Jackson replied: This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f-ck out, all while cousin Trent Jackson was getting into a physical confrontation with Jermaine Jackson and Randy Jackson in an attempt to keep them away from the three children.

It's a monumental, ugly mess and it all circles back to objections over Michael Jackson's will, which leaves his entire estate to his kids. For the supposed adults in this family, it all comes down a money grab. No matter the personal cost.


Good for Paris! Glad to see that she has some heart & that she isn't going to let them just run all over her & her family. Janet & the rest of them oughta be ashamed of themselves. Oooops! if she didn't have any shame in flashing her old boobies on TV she sure doesn't have any when it comes to anything else. I really kinda expected something better from Janet. (Misss Jackson) if your nasty. This was one nasty piece of work. Maybe Debbie can start to reunite w/ her kids if there is one person who knows first hand just how underhanded & nasty those people are it would Debbie. By the way, has anyone noticed just how beautiful Paris is she looks just like Debbie. One thing the trust stays w/the kids. It's their money that must just piss off those no talent siblings of Michael. So, now we know why Michael didn't want them around.


janet jackson is ugly black bitch she has no right to slap or force paris and her brothers peopie should support mj kids


paris is do damn stupid if i was janet i would slap the piss out of her then i would send her and her two brothers back to their biological mother.


Money is the root of evil. Shouldn't tear the family apart.


Paris is an smart girl, her aunts and uncles are trying to steal her future.Idiots has no clue how quick no talent leaches will take the money rite from your own backyard.


Janet looks gross in that picture... They need to go to judge Judy to settle this !!


I feel bad for that whole family, does money do that to you?


Everyone in this family wants the money. That's all it's ever been!!!!

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