Paris Jackson to Janet Jackson: Get the Eff Out!

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Details have emerged regarding the incident at the Jackson home in Calabasas this week.

As previously reported, police were called to investigate some sort of altercation on the property, although no arrests were made and no names of family members involved revealed at the time.

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But TMZ now cites sources who say it all started when Randy, Jermaine and Janet Jackson drive up in their SUV and tried to force Paris, Prince, and Blanket into the vehicle.

The reported goal? To unite the children with grandmother Katherine Jackson, who has been in Arizona and out of contact for over a week.

HOWEVER, Paris objected to the surprise visit/mission and grew especially angry when Janet tried to take away her cell phone, causing the singer to supposedly scream at her niece:

"You're a spoiled little b*tch!"

Paris Jackson replied: This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f-ck out, all while cousin Trent Jackson was getting into a physical confrontation with Jermaine Jackson and Randy Jackson in an attempt to keep them away from the three children.

It's a monumental, ugly mess and it all circles back to objections over Michael Jackson's will, which leaves his entire estate to his kids. For the supposed adults in this family, it all comes down a money grab. No matter the personal cost.

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It's sad. My dear Michael really thought LOVE is the best way to live in. Family Jackson , remember this!!!


I think there is some jealousy over the relationship the kids have with Katherine. Those kids were warned of certain family members. And money, esspecially alot of money, makes people do all kinds of crazy things.


They are all KOOKs and those kids look like freaks!!!


Paris is rude. At 14 calling ur aunt names. Janet is worth millions and beautiful


How dare you call Janet Jackson a ugly black bitch. With that name you probaly look a Dam Mess oh yell, I bet your white using the race color she can't help that she's Beautiful.


It's all about the money. Every one should calm down and think how this looks to the nosy public. Mrs Jackson should get herself some where and stop going to all there tributes to Michel.


yup you are right Snicker.... Joe Jackson was the greedy one to start with..... the rest of the clan should have been more clever with their money when they were making it big...... Money CAN be the root of all evil


Wow, Katherine goes to Arizona for R&R under doctor's orders, she sends the aunt and uncle to pick up the kids and they tell Auntie and Uncle to kiss off. Sounds like someone is indeed, spoiled, disrespectful and needed a slap. Their mother is very old, how can people say they should mind their business. Katherine and their neices and nephews are their business.


Why is everyone being so mean to paris? That isnt fair. Its her life...and her money,let her do what she wants and leave her the hell alone. Micheal is no loneger in the picture,therefore it should be left in the hands of her mother.


Ever notice all the skin that comes out of the Pedi Spin?? It's so gross when they empty the skin out and throw it in the trash!!! Yuckie!!!!

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