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It's the number-one question being asked at this year's Olympics.

How many times will NBC cameras find Kate Middleton in the crowd? No, that's not it.

Does Ryan Lochte have a girlfriend?

Ryan Lochte Photo

Following his Gold Medal-winning performance in the 400 Individual Medley (which was followed by Lochte getting outkicked on the anchor lap of his team's relay yesterday), the athlete has positioned himself as the American face of these London Games.

And women around the country are yearning to know: is anyone out there sucking that face?

The answer appears to be a strong... maybe. According to The Brisbane Times, Lochte and Australian swimmer Blair Evans were spotted getting awfully chummy during training last week. They reportedly touched hands under the water and left together for the Olympic village.

And we all know what goes down in the Olympic Village, right, Hope Solo?!?

We'll stay on the story of whether or not anyone is staying on (or under) this 28-year old star, but in the meantime, we've posted a photo of that famous Ryan Lochte grill. Ogle away, ladies!

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Jada Pinkett Smith has no problem showing some serious skin when it comes to important causes.

The actress got naked last month in the name of human trafficking awareness, and now she's showing off her bikini body for the sake of the over-40 crowd.

Jada Pinkett Smith Bikini Body

Smith Tweeted a photo of herself in the water over the weekend, along with the caption: "To my Forty and over crew! Don't believe the hype…we DO get better with age!" 

Of course, it helps when you are rich and can afford a personal trainer and a personal chef and can take the time in between movies or TV shows to work out like crazy. But still.

Jada has been battling divorce rumors in the press for months now, but there are no actual signs that she and Will Smith will be splitting any time soon.

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Distracted walking injuries are up nationwide, according to a new study, with electronic devices seen as a cause of many pedestrian-related accidents.

Picture a young man walking and texting by a lonely train platform at night. He stumbles, loses his balance and pitches over the side, landing on the tracks.

Fortunately there were no trains approaching the Philadelphia station and he scrambled to safety. But the incident underscores the risk of distracted walking.

In response, Philadelphia officials began a safety campaign aimed at pedestrians who are looking at their devices instead of where they're going.

The above viral video, featuring the city's Mayor, Michael Nutter, was released as an April Fool's Day joke ... which some people didn't realize was a joke.

The video introduced a special lane for texting and walking.

"The sad part is we had people who, once they realized we were taking the 'e-lane' away, got mad," said Rina Cutler, deputy mayor for transportation.

"They thought it was a really good idea and actually very helpful to not have people get in their way while they were walking and texting."

The issue isn't as widely discussed as distracted driving, but the danger is real. Reports of injuries to distracted walkers have quadrupled in the past seven years.

There has been a spike in pedestrians killed and injured in traffic accidents, though there is no reliable data on how many were distracted by electronics.

In any case, city dwellers, pick your heads up. Those vitally important texts, breaking Facebook updates and hilarious Tweets can wait a few seconds.

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JoJo Spatafora and Shane Meaney have gotten a lot of attention early in Big Brother 14. Did their sowmance play a role in her undoing Thursday?

In one week, Big Brother coach Britney Haynes lost two players - Willie Hantz, after his fight with Joe Arvin, and JoJo - leaving her with only one left.

JoJo paid the ultimate price for being on Haynes' team (and therefore associated with Hantz's antics), with Meaney the sole vote to keep her in the game.

Did she know she was going home? And did the two get together?

  • JoJo Spatafora Photo
  • Shane Meaney Photo

"I knew if Shane or I did not win the veto we were definitely going home," she said afterward. "Britney's players were targets from the first HOH competition."

As for rumors that she and Shane were a couple, she says, "It was all just for fun. You get lonely in the house. There were no feelings on my end."

"I'm pretty sure on his too. I like to spice things up and make the show exciting. I think I was the first person to have a secret show-mance."

"He flirted with every girl and I flirted with almost every guy."

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La Toya Jackson is calling for a truce in the bizarre saga involving her famous family. She's asking that her siblings stop airing the family's dirty laundry in public.

Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie and Randy Jackson have all weighed in on the custody battle surrounding their mother, Katherine, and Michael Jackson's three children.

La Toya is calling on all parties, regardless of which side, to come together and sort it out sensibly - and behind closed doors, away from celebrity gossip sites.

La Toya Jackson Picture

Also weighing in on the debacle is Michael’s disgraced doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, who reached out to the maligned Katherine Jackson, 82, from prison.

The man found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her son has invited Katherine for a jailhouse talk "to answer any questions she may have."

Meanwhile, Katherine, whose whereabouts were undetermined for a brief period, was finally able to meet with her attorney, Perry Sanders, on Thursday night.

Sanders, who was denied access to the matriarch days earlier, plans to have Katherine’s custody of Michael’s three children reinstated as soon as possible.

Since her grandmother’s return, Paris Jackson, 14, has been sending late-night tweets, raising red flags about the toll this stressful situation is taking.


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A dramatic Sunday night in London ended with one of America's best hopes for a Gold Medal in tears yesterday, as Jordyn Wieber failed to qualify for all-around final in Women's Gymnastics.

The reigning world champion faltered a bit on her vault, beam, bars and floor routines, earning scores below teammates Aly Raisman and Gabrielle Douglas. Only two representatives from each country are permitted to perform in the final round.

Olympic photo

"It's a little bit of a disappointment," the 17-year old Wieber said in a statement. "It's always been a dream of mine to compete for the all-around at the Olympics, shoot for that gold medal. But I'm really proud of Aly and Gabby both. And I'm glad that I'll be able to help the team out in the team finals."

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Another lawsuit is preparing to be filed in response to the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado last Friday morning.

Shirley Wygal, whose 32-year old daughter Rebecca Wingo was among the dozen victims of James Holmes' attack, has reportedly hired an attorney and will soon file suit against the Century 16 Theater, citing a lack of security.

Shooting Victims

According to TMZ insiders, Shirley alleges that the theater's emergency doors - through which an armed Holmes burst through - should have been equipped with alarms and/or guards should have been placed alongside these exits.

A movie goer who survived the massacre has also filed a lawsuit, naming three defendants: Warner Bros., Holmes' doctors and this same theater.

The corporate owner of the theater, Cinemark, has offered to pay all funeral expenses for the victims, a gesture that actually started with Rebecca Wingo. But Wygal turned down the offer and said the event was already covered by another organization.

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The cloud of sadness and shock that remains over The Dark Knight Rises, following the horrific actions of James Holmes in Colorado on July 21, did not keep this blockbuster from remaining atop the box office this weekend.

The third installment of Christopher Nolan's trilogy earned $64.1 million, taking its week-plus total so far to $289.1 nationwide.

Bane vs. Batman

By comparison's sake, The Dark Knight ($313.8 million) and The Avengers ($373.1 million) both took in more over their opening 10-day run.

But neither faced the sort of tragedy that has sadly enveloped The Dark Knight Rises, nor did either face competition from the Summer Olympics. Here is a look at the weekend's top five money makers:

  1. The Dark Knight Rises: $64.1 million
  2. Ice Age: Continental Drift: $13.3 million
  3. The Watch: $13 million
  4. Step Up Revolution: $11.8 million
  5. Ted: $7.4 million

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Despite the overwhelming success of the Octomom porn video as well as her stripper gig, payday loan endorsement deal and celebrity pillow fighting showdown, Nadya Suleman's significant cash money problems are still very real.

This time, she's at least asking fans for assistance, not taxpayers.

This assumes Octomom actually has fans, but you get the idea.

Nadya Suleman a.k.a. Octomom

As you may have heard, she was unable to make the California mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

With two weeks to move out, and a permanent strain on her credit report, Octomom can she doesn't have enough cash to buy a new one, either.

Especially not a place that can house 14 kids and Frankie Grageda.

What's a struggling, increasingly shameless mom to do? Set up a page on GoFundMe (dot) com, where her fans can send her money online!

Her goal? A modest $150,000 to get started. No sweat.

We strongly encourage anyone to donate. Not because it's a worthy cause or anything, but because she may bankrupt the financial calamity known as California once her brood becomes a collective ward of the state.


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Brooke Mueller may or may not have relapsed last month, as conflicting reports detailed the troubled ex-wife of Charlie Sheen as possibly falling off her drug and alcohol wagon.

But the reality star definitely has found love, she recently admitted: Mueller is in a relationship with country singer Jaron Lowenstein.

Moreover, she sort of owes the romance to Sheen and her inability to cut herself loose from the unstable actor.

  • Brooke Mueller Strolling
  • Jaron Lowenstein Picture

According to TMZ sources, Muller met Lowenstein at a party last year, one she attended because she and Sheen were talking reconciliation.

The two exchanged numbers and when Brooke and Charlie didn't work out in the end, she took her friendship with the singer to the next level.

Mueller is the mother of Sheen's twins and has found herself frequently in trouble with substance abuse. But for the sake of her children, let's hope Lowenstein - who has never once drank tiger blood or claimed he is a warlock, as far as we know - can help keep her on a straight path.


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