Octomom Begs Fans For California Mortgage Help

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Despite the overwhelming success of the Octomom porn video as well as her stripper gig, payday loan endorsement deal and celebrity pillow fighting showdown, Nadya Suleman's significant cash money problems are still very real.

This time, she's at least asking fans for assistance, not taxpayers.

This assumes Octomom actually has fans, but you get the idea.

Nadya Suleman a.k.a. Octomom

As you may have heard, she was unable to make the California mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

With two weeks to move out, and a permanent strain on her credit report, Octomom can she doesn't have enough cash to buy a new one, either.

Especially not a place that can house 14 kids and Frankie Grageda.

What's a struggling, increasingly shameless mom to do? Set up a page on GoFundMe (dot) com, where her fans can send her money online!

Her goal? A modest $150,000 to get started. No sweat.

We strongly encourage anyone to donate. Not because it's a worthy cause or anything, but because she may bankrupt the financial calamity known as California once her brood becomes a collective ward of the state.

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Seriously! My husband makes minimum wadge, I'm disabled and we have an infant and a child about to start school and we live in a trailer older than I am! And we are not on welfare or food stamps. We struggle constantly but we don't ask for hand outs. What the Hell!?!?


I cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind would give anything to this "fruitcake." She brought this on herself. She knew what she was doing. Did she think she would get a Reality show like Kate plus Eight? That is another "head" case also. The state does need to put these children into good homes like someone above suggested. Give them to people who cannot have children of their own and want children. But they really need to "screen" the people thoroughly and properly.


She just bragged to tmz last week that she is FINANCIALLY STABLE from her p*rn and stripping opportunities. She said she no longer needed welfare she was doing so well!! Now she needs $150,000 donations for a down payment when she DID NOT MAKE A SINGLE RENT OR MORTGAGE PAYMENT IN OVER A YEAR?! No way! She can go get a job. She finds child are when she gets any Hollywood interview or little gig - she can use the state funded daycare program and get a J-O-B!!!!!


Are we sure her real name isn't Nadya Kardashian?


@ LANA, I totally agree with you


If people actually donate to her I'd be shocked. But I honestly feel bad for the kids and think it would be better for them to be adopted by good loving families who can't have kids of their own or something. Then put this damn woman in a nut house. Cuz I know the frustrations of wanting kids and can't have them on your own.


What a joke.


In my day some girls would have a kid or two to get government help but 14 kids is ridiculous.


Have her tell us again how much that last hair cut cost????????? Count me out.


Did she use the word "fans"? I'll donate a dictionary to her.


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