Octomom Begs Fans For California Mortgage Help

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Despite the overwhelming success of the Octomom porn video as well as her stripper gig, payday loan endorsement deal and celebrity pillow fighting showdown, Nadya Suleman's significant cash money problems are still very real.

This time, she's at least asking fans for assistance, not taxpayers.

This assumes Octomom actually has fans, but you get the idea.

Nadya Suleman a.k.a. Octomom

As you may have heard, she was unable to make the California mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

With two weeks to move out, and a permanent strain on her credit report, Octomom can she doesn't have enough cash to buy a new one, either.

Especially not a place that can house 14 kids and Frankie Grageda.

What's a struggling, increasingly shameless mom to do? Set up a page on GoFundMe (dot) com, where her fans can send her money online!

Her goal? A modest $150,000 to get started. No sweat.

We strongly encourage anyone to donate. Not because it's a worthy cause or anything, but because she may bankrupt the financial calamity known as California once her brood becomes a collective ward of the state.

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Stop spending your earnings on plastic surgeries, h0!


Maybe this skeezer should let her stylist go and give up the $500 haircuts. That might help with her monthly expenses.


Any fool that would give to this welfare queen needs a good psychiatrist! I think I'll set up a website, my husband had a stroke and he can't work any more. Let me see if people will give to our cause. Why not? My husband worked hard all his life, to me he is more entitled than this free loader!,


Anyone who would go on-line and donate A-N-Y $$$ to that stank-fest Octo-Moron is out of their fucking minds. NAIVE FOOLS!!!!!


I always see her with a big smile, lookin' good WITHOUT her children. Someone else is always watching them. Since she has jobs, I think the bank would let her "modify" her mortgage so they could all stay in her home. If I did not pay my mortgage for 12 months.....well, I would not be in my home any longer....PERIOD! Perhaps they have just waited long enough and without making any payments, she is not cooperationg with them. This is such a tragedy, from day one, anyway.


I'm disabled and I have a car with no a/c. I guess I need to sign up NOT! My daughter and my grandson live with me to help me out. We don't have food stamps or welfare. Living in a trailer that's older than my daughter. My daughter is raising her nephew. So one with no kids. She put her life on hold to raise him. She told me she wouldn't have it any other way. She needs to get a JOB!!



Kellie m

I went to that website being nosey and there are idiots who are actually donating. She has a total of $350 from 12 donors so far. WTF?! Seriously?? I guess these people have nothing better to do with their money than to support this bimbo. Maybe I should sign up on that site and plead my case about living in hot as hell Texas and having no a/c in my car while being disabled and living on a very low fixed income. No...I have far too much pride than that...unlike her who has zero pride. I don't need any help from anyone. Of course I didn't get knocked up with 14 kids and become a living joke either.

Kellie m

Wheres all her porn money????? Go do another disgusting porn biotch!! My money is not going to be lining your pockets......ever!! GFY!!


With all the cash she has been given, and is still in a mess, I am beginning to wonder if she has a substance problem. We raised 7 kids and 2 grand kids on a middle income family with no help from ssi or Oprah, Dr Phil, porn, etc. Something is wrong here.


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