Obama Air Force One Call Reveals Fundraising Concerns

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President Obama is feeling the pressure to compete financially with Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, despite his inherent advantage as an incumbent.

The GOP challenger is running neck-in-neck with him in both polls and fundraising, leaving Obama sounding the alarm to his deep-pocketed backers.

And after smashing records in 2008, raising over $746 million from a historic donor roll of 3 million names, Obama appears on pace to do it again.

Mr. President

Still, Obama and Democrats are sounding the alarm for what would seem to be unthinkable: behind outraised and outspent by Romney in 2012.

"We see where we stand, and right now on a month-to-month basis, we've fallen behind," Obama told donors on a call direct from Air Force One.

"We just can't be outspent 10 to 1," Obama said, according to The Daily Beast.

"That's what happened in Wisconsin recently. The Koch brothers and their allies spent more than the other side's entire campaign, our side's entire campaign."

"We are going to see more money spent on negative ads through these super PACs and anonymous outside groups than ever before. And if things continue as they have so far, I'll be the first sitting president in modern history to be outspent."

An Obama campaign official confirmed the veracity of the recording to ABC News, but described the discussion with donors as a "routine finance call."

The President uses a non-taxpayer-funded phone for such calls, he added.

Obama's message - that he could be the first incumbent president outspent - seeks to instill a sense of urgency in supporters as the election approaches.

The good news for the President: He received a boost last week when the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. The bad news: So did Romney.

For whom would you vote today?


@ Really unfair- you bring up some good points. It's a shame that most of the ass clowns that need to hear this- they have the attention span of a tick.


PS See how many tax cheats work for Barack? Not only that, but just recently Obama who promised to look out for the middle class and promised not to tax them? Well, his Obama Care has now been labeled a tax will be placed on the shoulders of the Middle Class. So much for Barry's promises, eh? Yeah, Unfair...there's so much unfairness to be found alright...in and around the White House!


Your numbers are bogus and you are delirious. Only in America do people want to penalize others for being successful. The rich are secure then again any of us could die tomorrow.


I do not care who President as long as he cuts breaks for the rich and thinks of everyone in between.The rich are secure,what about us?


I earned as a teacher 42thousand claim zero no kids and had to pay500dollars and i always buy supplies for the class.


what is unfair mitt made 25million last year paid 15%in taxes.Obama made less than a million paid20%.Why should people who make mord pay less,what did u earn did u pay


Mitt is rich he will have no problems.Money talks in our society,our world revolves around it.


@ Eyes- happy 4th eyes! Hope you have a good one!


my father had a car, drove it for 15 years.tires were worn, motor leaked oil, it got to the point where he could not depend on the car and it wasn't safe. he didn't sink anymore money into it either. the car he was so proud of at one time became a financial black hole.


Serves him right. He raised gazillions in '08 with his whole "hope and change" mantra. Folks especially Wall St. Fat Cats are bringin' their money to the Romney Camp--why? Barack's kinda "hope 'n change" is non-existent...mythical...anything along those lines. I've given to Mitt and may do it again for the sake of the country--AND my pocketbook! Happy 4th Everyone!

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