Nikkole Paulun on Father: Abusive A-Hole!

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Nikkole Paulun, a 16 and Pregnant star who was introduced on Season 2 of this MTV series, has leveled some rather serious accusations at her dad.

Why do we never see this parent on the small screen? Said Paulun this week via Twitter:

"You NEVER got to see my dad on camera because he's an abusive asshole. One night after Lyle was born her BEAT me up & I literally had to jump out my window & hitch a ride to my bestfriends house to get away."

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Nikkole goes on to write that her father has referred to her by every derogatory name in the book, that he has threatened to kill her and that her mom "thinks I should get along with him."

However: "I don't think I EVER will."

Well, no, we should hope not. Not if these assertions are valid. For the sake of Nikkole's child if not herself, she ought to get the heck out of there.

Kellie m

I hope that what she said is not true. If it is then why is she staying with him? For the sake of her child and herself you would think that she would get out of there. And if it is true her mom is worthless and a sad excuse for a mother/grandmother.


This is a joke


WOW! Some ppl's stupidity is showing! This has NOTHING to do with race or molestation. Educate yourself....people who are racist are ridiculous-whether it be white, black, chinese, hispanic etc! QUIT BEING IDIOTS!


People of every race are abused, you racist morons. Race has nothing to do with what she said.


My father a white guy molested me.That is what white fathers do. and teach racism.

@ Wht

stfu idiot


She's probably a disrespectful white hobag and her father disowned her for crimes against humanity.

@ sherlock

You are a racist piece of garbage. Now GFY.

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