Nicki Minaj "Doesn't Approve" of Drake-Chris Brown Feud

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Nicki Minaj recently commented on the feud between Chris Brown and Drake, her Young Money label-mate, by claiming that she "doesn't approve" of the beef.

The now-infamous Chris Brown-Drake fight that broke out last month at an NYC club left many injured and got the establishment shut down in the aftermath.

All over Rihanna too, allegedly. Speaking to the BBC, Nicki weighed in:

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"I don't approve of talented people doing things that aren't conducive to an amazing career. I spoke to Drake, and I told him from the bottom of my heart how I felt."

"I'm like, 'Baby, you are a superstar, and I need you to realize that."

Speaking to Tim Westwood on BBC Radio 1 Xtra, Minaj revealed that, although she thought Drake was innocent, he still needed to be careful of his reputation."

"He did nothing wrong, of course. Rumors are rumous, and that there's what it is. Sometimes, you just need to go to bed. Go to the hotel and have an early nap."

"At the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with that."

Words to live by, Drizzy. Words to live by.

Whose side are you on in the feud?



I agree with nicki minaj, i think tha drake had point on what he thought of the situation between rihanna and chris brown, but i think chris deserves a second chance he's paid the price for his action and hopefully he has learnt from these consiqences if rihanna forgives him why can't we.


She's right. They need to suck it up if someone insults them and just walk away. Make music, not war. And your poll options show you lack maturity more than Drake and Chris combined. Team Non-Woman Beaters? Get over yourself. Not denying that what Chris did was wrong but that's so 2009. He isn't defined by that incident. And the bar fight wasn't even over Rihanna so stop dragging her into every Chris Brown article. It's getting old.


Why does it matter what Maraj thinks about anything?


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