Myla Sinanaj: Pregnant! Kris Humphries the Father!

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In a sworn deposition late last month, as part of his divorce battle against Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries claimed he was always only friends with Myla Sinanaj.

But if that really was the case, it's very clear now: they were friends with benefits... because MYLA SINANAJ IS PREGNANT!!!

Myla Sinanaj Picture
Kris Humphries is Hot

TMZ insiders closely associated with the New York City hotel employee tell the site that Sinanaj is three months along and Humphries is definitely the father. Forehead, meet palm.

Sinanaj allegedly started dating Humphries in January, only Kris has denied the relationship because he's trying to negate his prenup with Kardashian under the premise that he was left broken-hearted by a duplicitous reality star solely seeking a ratings bump.

It's sort of hard to argue that point when you knocked up a girlfriend within months of your split, isn't it?

Myla is also accused of blackmailing Humphries with information he shared with her about his marriage to Kim.

The Sinanaj source adds that Myla has every intention of carrying the pregnancy to term and does not want Humphries involved in the child's life. Oh, right, and then there's this: she hasn't even told him yet!

Surprise, Kris Humphries!

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lol damn. Guess what goes around comes around, he f'd himself all up now. Don't got much sympathy though, he got himself into it all so deal with it


So in approximately 7 months they can do a DNA test and see if it's really his child or if it's her attempt for another 15 minutes of fame.


I'm sure this "child" will be very proud of both it's parents! Condoms people, condoms!


Wow. What a B*tch.