Myla Sinanaj: Pregnant! Kris Humphries the Father!

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In a sworn deposition late last month, as part of his divorce battle against Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries claimed he was always only friends with Myla Sinanaj.

But if that really was the case, it's very clear now: they were friends with benefits... because MYLA SINANAJ IS PREGNANT!!!

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TMZ insiders closely associated with the New York City hotel employee tell the site that Sinanaj is three months along and Humphries is definitely the father. Forehead, meet palm.

Sinanaj allegedly started dating Humphries in January, only Kris has denied the relationship because he's trying to negate his prenup with Kardashian under the premise that he was left broken-hearted by a duplicitous reality star solely seeking a ratings bump.

It's sort of hard to argue that point when you knocked up a girlfriend within months of your split, isn't it?

Myla is also accused of blackmailing Humphries with information he shared with her about his marriage to Kim.

The Sinanaj source adds that Myla has every intention of carrying the pregnancy to term and does not want Humphries involved in the child's life. Oh, right, and then there's this: she hasn't even told him yet!

Surprise, Kris Humphries!


Wow!!! When will these professional athlete's learn????? To get involved with a woman and sleep with her without protection is just begging to find themselves in these situations. Perhaps to him she was just a friend with benefits and not a girlfriend who cares that happens all the time but he set himself up royaly. Good luck buddy you are going to need it...


I'm not buying this lady's story at all....

Ms billie

This is so lame doesn't he have the intelligence to use a condom. Not to mention he can't have Kim so he gets someone that looks just like her, what a loser. At least Kim had the good sense to get rid of him otherwise she would be dealing with a scandal of him knocking up this girl while married and living with her. What the hell does any of these women see in this whinny ass stupid guy.


"Shut the front door", Really are we suppose to think her pregnancy wasn't in her mind the minute she knew they had split. I could believe,Sinanaj would have tried to get a chance at Chris no matter. I don't think marriage means a whole hell of a lot, to any one on the show. his suppose loss,became a win for Sinanaj.What does the ring mean? I also find fault with this article stating, it would be hard for Kris to argue the point of broken hearted, with Sinanaj being pregnant. i do think he was looking for someone to talk with, and I also feel he was always freely stating things without thinking how personal they were. That's how the shows and such, make the big money.


Hmmm seems like she wants to imitate Kim K. Notice the hair,makeup etc. No wonder he went to her, as a poor excuse for a substitute for Kim who he obviously really wasn't over. Just plain lame.


Well if this is true then I feel sorry for the baby. She sounds like she was using him and he was definitely on the rebound. People tend to do dumb spur of the moment things when they're upset/angry. The child isn't to blame for any of this, such a shame another life was created during a crazy time in his/her parents lives instead of out of love or a lasting relationship. Kris really should have been careful and this woman shouldn't have been "careless" accidentally on purpose getting prego is not cool at all. Shame shame. What's done is done though so yeah I'd say the drama just continues on...


She doesn't want him involved in the child's life but keep the monthly child support payments coming. She used him knowing neither was protected and how many children from situations like this grow up happy?


First time I see her pic.....he sire does have a type looks like skank Kim k....I wouldnt be surprised if shes a fan of Kim...ayyyy ayyyy Kris!!!! Saying a lil prayer for you....


Kris Humphries Ex-Girlfriend Myla Sinanaj Pregnant Baby Bump Pics Here


Just like Justin Bieber knocked up the crazy woman in California? Don't believe everything this crazy Albanian bitch says, Kris. She is out for blood. Watch out for her because she sounds and acts like she can be very dangerous.

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