Mitt Romney: Destroyed by British Press Over London Olympic Diss

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Mitt Romney spent a few days this week in Great Britain... and let's just say he's fortunate no residents there can vote in the upcoming U.S election.

Having organized the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Romney was asked by NBC News about his thoughts on the lead-up to this year's Summer Games in London, to which he replied:

"There are a few things that were disconcerting. The stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials … that obviously is not something which is encouraging."

Mitt Romney in London

The response from British newspapers made Romney's reception by the NAACP appear warm.

The Sun labeled Romney as a "wannabe president" and "Mitt the Twitt."

The Daily Mail slammed him as devoid of charm, offensive and a wazzock."

A Sky News reporter asked: "Is this guy really prepared to be president?"

Romney has since tried to make up for his comments, telling the media yesterday that "you are going to see terrific games that will be long time in our memories." But it may be too little, way too late.

Perhaps Romney should distract folks from this negative press by releasing more tax returns.

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Obama 2012!


sweet! till we meet again? you fat little pig. oink oink...... oink oink.... oink ........ oink........... oink ...............oink................ oink ....................................................OINK.


does the letter (T) no work on your laptop. are you nervous. to nervous for a user name. maybe you have reason to be your hands shake while you type. trollie stew 4 2 or more? it will be sweet. question is will you be ready.


@Who Is can hardly talk about Romney when you support the ever "EVOLVING" Obama. Hahahaha! How clever his handlers are...Obama flip flops and they call it 'evolving'...yes, both men may have changed views, but Romney has succeeded in demonstrating leadership especially when it comes to economic issues and even salvaging an Olympics. Thus, I'll stick with Mitt, thank you! PS Obama's untruthfulness, lack of transparency, and divisive manner which has harmed the nation are issues to be more concerned with. Chicago thug politics are so very unattractive, not to mention, an embarrassment to our nation.


Once again...can we get some attention from the site folks and get some of these comments erased. These trolls are using other peoples' usernames. That's uncalled for! Look up their IP and kick butt. They are outta hand and it's beyond annoying to come and have to wade through their insulting words! Just make them go away or at least force them under the bridge for awhile! They serve no real purpose except to harass and bully. It's time!


Mitt Romney was right. Those of us that read the news know that the issues he spoke of were widely reported, Including in Britain. This is much ado about nothing.


In other NEWS ... Is it just my take or does Mitt Romney really walk like the Geico gecko?


@daina- mitt has way too many things he's changed his mind on & lied about in the last 20 years, seemingly when it suits him to go in an opposite direction - taxes, health care, the military, environment, gun control, hunting, owning a gun, MLK & his dad, Obama, gay marriage, etc. This guy is the definition of untrustworthy. Read his record - really read it, not what the media reports. Dishonest. Oppotunist.


@ Who Is It? Oh, c'mon, that's your BEST shot?!? I'm surprised really. I'd be ashamed to be a bleeding-heart liberal and could only bring up Bush. He's history, Baby, this nation, especially it's economy has been in the hands of a radical, inept product of Chicago thug politics...and it's in worse shape than before! Romney hit a nerve with his comments and the Socialist-Govt. influenced British press merely did the only thing they're capable of doing....attacking a Capitalist, free enterprise advocate who was merely telling the truth based on his own successful experience in saving the '02 Olympics from total catastrophe! Good for Mitt!


I'm beginning to wonder if Mitt is GWB in disguise...

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