Miley Cyrus: Pushing for a Baby Liam Hemsworth?!?

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Miley Cyrus has a new hair color and a new tattoo.

But sources say the 19-year old is pushing for one more new addition to her life: A BABY!

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Party Pic

"Miley and Liam really want to have a baby quickly," a Cyrus family source tells Us Weekly of the engaged couple.

And while the respective ages of the two involved may give most readers pause, this insider swears "both mature and ready for this," adding: "Miley is 19 going on 40."

Still... what's the rush?!? What do you think of Miley and Liam becoming parents before the former is legally old enough to drink?

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They are financially secure, and seem like they would be good parents. I was a mom at 18 and im a damn good mother our only problem was money. So I say if they want to have a baby it isn't anyones business but theirs .


Miley would be a great mother! Just because your 19 does NOT mean you will be a bad parent. Dont ever say someone you dont even know is going to be "the worst mom in the world" because that is unbelievably RUDE! You can be a great parent even as a teen! Honestly I have seen way more younger parents who are a lot better parents than parents who are "old enough". If Miley were to have a baby I think she would make an amazing mother!!! Im not saying this because I was a mom when was teen because I am 22, married. and am having my first baby, Im saying this because its how I feel.


I thnk she shud wait coz she z young nd hs a bright future ahead of her even if she hs money


They should wait. While there are plenty of people that have children that young and do fine, there are plenty more that don't. Why rush a child into the marriage. They should take the time to enjoy their time together (an in Hollywood) make sure they stay together, then have a child.


I had a kid before I was 21 and I was 8months pregnant with my second when I turned 21. Its there life, let them live it. Maybe if we were not so involved in everybody elses life they would actually make it and our relationships would also make it because we would have more time to focus on ours.


Miley is going to be the worst mom in the world. She'll be too busy partying while Liam stays home and does all the work.


no i think they should wate until they are married


Miley looks old. The comment 19 goin on 40..NOT AN UNDERSTATEMENT. EEEEW!