Miley Cyrus on Twitter: Look at My Underwear!

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We might wanna find Miley Cyrus a new movie role or get her into a recording studios one of these days.

Because the 19-year old has way too much time on her hands, at least based on her latest Twitter photo.

Following harmless, self-published shots of herself on July 4 and with a new hair color, Cyrus took to the social network last night and sent out a picture of herself in her "lucky tee shirt." And also in a see-through dress. View for yourself:

Miley Cyrus Thong Photo

What do you think, readers? Does Miley need to find herself a hobby that does NOT include flaunting her underwear for the world to see?

Miley Cyrus Tweeting this photo is...


As others have said...this is a total bait and switch title. That is definitely not a thong, and anyone with one eye could see that. I wonder why you would post such obvious nonsense. It wouldn't be because you're looking to get more views to your webpage, now would it? Loser.


Miley is a very beautiful and talented young woman. She puts photos of herself out there that make her look trashy. Seems to be counterproductive.


How do you know so much about being a whore/slut? sounds like jealousy


To those calling her a whore, get over your jealousy and move on. There's nothing wrong with this photo.


Not that big of a deal. I never noticed it to be honest.


It's funny, that women ask not to be judged on what they wear, but when another lady dresses a little less revealing than they do, they call them whores, or slutty. To my knowledge, Cyrus hasn't done anything whorish, and not saying this photo is classy, but it's a decent house pic. This is of course comparing half naked photos of myself.


Someone apparently knows very little about underwear... those are almost certainly not a thong.


It just seems wierd that she feels she has to twitter these Type of photos of herself when there are so many other beautiful pics of her in the media.


Miley looks like a sleeze / drug addict in this photo. What a shame that she has to act like such a little whore to get attention - not wearing pants and dressing up like a prostitute whore. She is a pretty girl and has lots of money so she really doesn't need to whore herself all over the internet with sleeze photos. Maybe her handlers should have a sit down with her. She's going to wind up like just another old Hollywood whore has been.


You can't even tell what kind of underwear she's wearing from this and it definitely doesn't appear to be a thong. DA.

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