Michelle Obama Death Threat By D.C. Police Officer Prompts Secret Service Investigation

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A D.C. police officer has been taken off a motorcycle escort for White House officials after he allegedly threatened to shoot First Lady Michelle Obama.

Not only that, the officer "then used his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm he said he would use," according to a Washington Post report.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating and the Secret Service has been told of the alleged Michelle Obama threat, the Post says.

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The alleged comment came Wednesday as officers from the Special Operations Division discussed threats against President Barack Obama.

It was not immediately clear where the alleged conversation took place or exactly how many officers were taking part in the conversation.

During that conversation,the officer allegedly said he would shoot the First Lady, then used his phone to show the firearm he said he would use.

It was not immediately clear what type of firearm was shown.

An officer overheard the alleged threat and reported it to a police lieutenant at the Division, who immediately notified superiors, the officials said.

The officer has been moved to administrative duty as the incident is being investigated, but the D.C. police warned against a rush to judgment.

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier told WRC-TV/NBC4: "There is conflicting information about what the officer said. ... Internal Affairs will get to the bottom of it."

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said he hoped that the allegations turned out to be false, noting the current investigations by the MPD and Secret Service.

"There's no room for jokes or frivolity when you're dealing with the first family," Gray said, adding that "additional officers may be disciplined."

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And yea I do bitch about the other side. I left a comment when the ncaap booed mitt and said it was wrong. I also think fast n furious was complete failure and dumbass idea. U know lots of ppl are struggling but if u are a cop for the first family motorcade u cannot even playing around say u want to shoot the first lady. Its the same as screaming bomb on a plane. And having a bad day won't get u out of jail. Now I have commented on this story as it is written if I find out later he never said this then OK but if he wants to just give excuses on why he said it I'm not interested


Dodge I never ever seen u write what that police did was wrong. U basically tried to rationalize what he did with a bad economy. I'm not taking shit out of context I just can understand the round about reason u are giving for a policeman to say this. And about Zimmerman who has nothing to do with this I haven't hardly said anything about him because its a very complex situation that has many sides and is something the courts will ultimately have to figure out. But I haven't gone after him.


How the hell did you get that out of what I said.? Do you actually know what happened with that cop? No u don't. No more than Zimmerman on that night. Point! When people are struggling financially, all the negatives in life are magnified. Read again- if necessary. You are the type of person that eliminates dialog. You are thin skinned and you take everything out of context. Turn the page- or look beneath the surface. Look at the root of the problem instead of the end result- if u want a true answer. Get over yourself. I never ever see you- complaining about the other side.


Dodge so basically ur saying the economy is a good enough reason to threaten the first lady's life? No it's not just because u don't like the economy it doesn't mean u or anyone else can threaten the president first lady or his children's life. If u weren't blinded by hate u would know this. Stop making excuses for ppls actions. U don't like the economy then go vote. Bet if someone threaten Laura bush life u wouldn't be making excuses. But u seem to reach for the stars for this guys excuse. I wonder y that is?


Didn't say I would kill the president. Never that. I'm talking abt the dumb ass cop that said he would kill the first lady. Read it write.


people hate this economy. people hate stagnation. this "economic lockdown" has went from being a phase to a way of life. all of "Hates" splinter off from the seed of economy. people want hope for a better tomorrow. people don't see it. people want him out. if you choose to dress
It in hate, so be it.


@Tiffani Wrong again, dumb a**!


@Anne lmfao u are completely making up a scenario in ur head and just going with it. What a idiot. Damn let me make up some news then comment on it. Hell what do u need THG for when u can just sit in ur room and make up news all day. Ppl hate this family so much they are OK with a effing policeman saying he would kill the first lady? What's wrong with u people? No first lady should be threatened not Laura Barbara Hilary or Michelle. What sick Americans we must have to pick and choose what first family should be protected and which ones shouldn't.


Administrative duty? Are you kidding me? how do you threaten the First Lady and not go straight to JAIL? Wow! What a double standard when it comes to the safety of THIS first family


@whoisshit- Lena,bitches is one of your klan/ u no that already don't u.

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