Michael Bloomberg Addresses Colorado Shooting, Calls for Stricter Gun Control

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Count Michael Bloomberg as someone who doesn't think any lives would have been saved inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater last Friday if MORE people had been carrying guns.

During an appearance on Face the Nation, the NYC Mayor was asked about remarks made by a Texas Congressman in which Louie Gohmert speculated that James Holmes could have been stopped and fewer people killed/injured if only movie goers had been "carrying."

Bloomberg's responded by basically making like Seth Meyers and asking: REALLY?!? You really think it will be safer to create a "wild west" like country where every other person is holding a weapon?

In the wake of the massacre, many celebrities took to Twitter and also called on Obama/politicians to crack down on gun control. The President has made no attempt to do so during his time in office so far.


I have had a gun in my drawer for 25 years, and not once has it got up on its own and killed someone. These nuts will do what nuts do. Someone should ask his mother how she knew they had the right guy, and why she didn't get him help when she figured out that he is crazy. It's not the gun control that needs looked at. It's the mental health programs.


Gun control isnt always the answer. I agree that the average person has no need for assault rifles and body armor. But generally, people that purchase guns legally arent the ones going around shooting people. Yes it does happen. But if you say no one can have guns, the only people that will have them will be criminals. If someone comes in my home, i feel better knowing that i have a weapon and can and will defend my home and family.


Good greif people! Can't you see that GUNS don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people! I have owned guns for years, and have never had the desire to hurt someone. This nut would have found a way to do this regardless. If you make gun laws more strict, you are only hurting the good guys. Psychos will find a way regardless.

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