Mariah Carey Poses for First American Idol Promotional Photo

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Mariah Carey is on board as one of the new American Idol judges. For a cool $18 million per year.

And just days after this announcement was made official, Fox came out with the first promotional picture of its new panelist. She doesn't exactly look thrilled to have the gig, does she?

Mariah Carey American Idol Promo Pic

Still, no one can debate Carey's credentials. She has sold over 200 million records worldwide and is responsible for more number-one singes than any solo artist in history.

The questions now surrounding Season 12, which executives hope will be a major bounce back from a grossly disappointing Season 11 in the ratings game:

  • Will Randy Jackson return?
  • Will Brad Paisley join Mariah as a judge?
  • Will a non-white male who does not play the guitar actually win/

I am rooting for the best male singer in the world--the new front man for Queen--ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!


She needs a new weave. Her hair doesnt look very good.


P.S .... luvs the pic!!! ..... spanx or not I'm sure she pulled it off better then the comment poster ever could.... I mean C'MON twins and lookin like that.... can we say SEXY DIVA! #MCSummer2012


I absolutely LOVE Mariah (enough 2 get a tattoo of her) I'm soooo excited 4 this era cause it is waaay different then putting out an album (which she'll be doing as well) but 2 be able 2 venture out 2 television is an amazing thing 4 us TRUE fans we get 2 see her every week!! I haven't watched A.I since Kelly... but Mariah omg definitely gonna watch! Can't wait 2 see MiMi do her thing.... THE VOICE is back.... and she's SLAYING haters!!! xXx - dVb


I hate Ms. Carey. She's a wanna be who's done nothing but pop out a few kids over the past year. Her career went down the tubes for a reason. Oh yeah....she's nuts


She do look kinda crazy..ctfu,just a bad pic choice..i love her,i really haven't watched that show n yrs,but if she judging..i most def will check it out! Dont sleep on her,she may b a bitch,diva or whatever but she still a BOSS BITCH!!LOVE HER!


Still wouldn't watch it,hopeless after the original judges left.Love Mariah Carey though


I've always watched from the 1st season but with Mariah Carey judging now I won't be watching!!! Its really 2 bad they couldnt keep the other judges on the show!! Last 2 seasons have been AWESOME but now the chemistry is gone!! Have2 feel bad 4 Randy!!!




Yea ur right she doesnt ook thrilled or even a lil happy about it! But, i will say that is a nice pik. However likw katz i too dont watch A.I. well @ least not the competition part. I only watch the auditions,,,it really cracks me up! I call the auditions bloopers lol. I do wonder how the show will go now that shes she gona b real &down to earth with the ppl or b a kno it all diva like paula...


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