Mariah Carey Poses for First American Idol Promotional Photo

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Mariah Carey is on board as one of the new American Idol judges. For a cool $18 million per year.

And just days after this announcement was made official, Fox came out with the first promotional picture of its new panelist. She doesn't exactly look thrilled to have the gig, does she?

Mariah Carey American Idol Promo Pic

Still, no one can debate Carey's credentials. She has sold over 200 million records worldwide and is responsible for more number-one singes than any solo artist in history.

The questions now surrounding Season 12, which executives hope will be a major bounce back from a grossly disappointing Season 11 in the ratings game:

  • Will Randy Jackson return?
  • Will Brad Paisley join Mariah as a judge?
  • Will a non-white male who does not play the guitar actually win/

mariah carey has always been bueatiful those who speak badley of her are jealous and she looks more wonderful than ever and it doesnt bother her when they speak badley of her because she has more class than them mariah we love you love your new song


I’m a huge fan of Mariah Carey’s and I can’t wait to watch her judge American Idol. I’ve watched this show for about six seasons and I think Mariah will be the best judge yet. She looks beautiful in this picture and she’s going to be a wonderful presence. I’m going to enjoy watching this show more not just for Mariah, but the option to skip commercials on my primetime shows using the Auto Hop feature. I work in the evening and record all my PrimeTime Anytime shows while I work, so I can view them a day or two later. By doing so I have the option to watch or skip commercials with the touch of a button. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me how this feature worked before I tried it. All I have to do is select enable and the Hopper lets me watch commercial free TV. This will keep me from having to replace my batteries in my remote often.


Here's an idea, bring in Eminem as guest judge!


Hell, it's going to be the Mariah Carey Show from now on


Im just HAPPY to see no singing talent Jennifer Lopez gone and to see someone with a great voice be the judge.


She hasn't even been able to sing her own older songs live since 2001 and actually hit the notes. And she's so ridiculously full of herself. It's not about having a perfect body (to the person suggesting that people insulting her are fat), it's about having some sense of modesty or decency about how you present yourself to the world. Every picture the look on her face just says "I'm so much more beautiful than everyone else" and she's not even that great. She's no better looking than stars like Beyonce or Carrie Underwood, who never act like they are the greatest thing on earth. This picture makes me sick and I used to be a fan. How can anyone stand to listen to her anymore? Every time she talks she's whining. American Idol just became unwatchable.


Adam! Adam! Adam!


Bitch plz ..... Lets see the fat bitches talking shit about mariah put there pics up for the world to see..... cant wait to wacth her.......


Bitch plz ..... Lets see the fat bitches talking shit about mariah put there pics up for the wold to see..... cant wait to wacth her.......


I luv mariah she's beautiful and u bitches that keep talking shit about her need to get a life... thats true talk right there


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