Mariah Carey Confirmed as American Idol Judge

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Yup, she's in.

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    I'm a fan of Mariah's music, but I'm so use to her romantic love songs so of cousre when I heard and read the lyrics to this song it just threw me off definitely. "Throw me on the bed, play with me some more" "Let me wrap my legs around your waist" huh? That's not the kind of Mariah I'm used to listening to at all. I'm so disappointed. I have to turn the station when that song comes on.


    This was one of those songs that grew on me. I also was slightly dissoppainted with the single selection expecting a huge club banger. But after i got over my dissappointment I started to see the song in a new light. The simple keyboard/piano medley running thru & the catchy hook. Her team new alot of people were waiting for the track and I think this was a great move. Give a nice tease before they blow us away! I can see this song being her 18th #1 single just because this is her lead single.


    adam lmabert


    I think one of my favorite primetime shows is about to get better. I enjoyed Jennifer Lopez, but I think Mariah Carey can do a better job. She’s a true American Idol and has been one for years. I love her music and I think she can provide some of the best advice to people doing an audition. AI’s one of my favorite shows during primetime, and season 12 will be awesome using the Auto Hop feature to skip all my commercials. I work in the evening and record all my primetime shows while I’m working, then I can view them a day or two later. I like how the day after my primetime shows air I can control my TV by skipping commercials with the touch of a button. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me how this feature worked before I tried it out at home. All I have to do is select enable and the Hopper lets me watch commercial free TV. I don’t have to worry about wearing out the remote as fast with this great new feature.


    I agree with Carole H that Clay has a wonderful voice, however, I disagree about him being a good judge because he has such a crappy personality and has temper tantrums. I also disagree about Adam. He would make a wonderful judge because he has been doing this kind of work long before AI. He was also a guest judge on Project Runway this year and both the other judges and contestants thought he was the best guest judge they ever had. He is very articulate, smart, funny, also has a wonderful voice like Clay, and has a great personality to go with all this. Bring him on.


    I agree with you. I havent watched since Ruben Staddered( however you spell his name)I use to watch only the auditions but not even that anymore since Simon left. Good luck to all these showes that's main focus is on the judges and paying them the big bucks.


    I will still not be watching! Who would want to see Mariah as a judge on amercian idol? With the money that they are paying her, we'll hopefully she will find some clothes that will fit her asap.


    Shes a flake. Funny that her hubby thought they couldnt afford her. Its not like shes a big name anymore. On the bright side, maybe now she can buy some clothes that fit!


    u look drunk g


    Mariah is going to be nice to look at.

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