Magic Mike 2: Channing Tatum Confirms Sequel!

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Mike is not done working his magic by a long shot.

With the web buzzing over a possible Magic Mike 2, the hit film's star Channing Tatum took to Twitter this week to address the rumors ... and confirmed them!

“Yes yes and yes! We’re working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger," he writes, possibly waiting for your obvious punchline.

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Because it's ostensibly a male stripper movie, Magic Mike was something of a surprise hit with critics and fans alike, banking $39 million in one weekend.

Tatum has received rave reviews, and there's even been some Oscar talk - and not unwarranted - surrounding supporting actor Matthew McConaughey.

Where would a sequel take the stripper and his cohorts? Have you seen the original, and would you be excited for a Magic Mike 2? Tell us below!

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Loved the 1st one can't wait for the 2nd one. ill have to secretly watch it 2.


@ Shane! Stop hating! Just cuz the focus is not on you and ur girl probably went and watched MagicALL Mike! Or she was imaging one of the hotties to get through the ordeal with u doesn't mean that the movie is Crap! The movie could have been silent for all I care. NOTHING LIKE YUMMY EYECANDY!


UMMM HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the first one and I would love to see Magic Mike 2!!!!!!!! Doesn't even need to have a story line as long a Channing Tatum is in it!


would love a 2 after the way 1 ended. Bring it back to Tampa. I know a few of us who would love to be "extras" 1 fully clothed dance with Channing would be a dream come true for this dancer ;)


I agree with Luz, Courtney, and Crystal. The "Pony" act was unreal!And who cares about the plot or the acting, it was a FUN movie that I saw twice! Ha ha. Can't wait for the sequel. I'm sure all the boyfriends and husbands who benefitted from their gf's and wives watching it can't wait neither! My hunny had two GREAT nights-- and he didn't even mind being called Mike! ha ha.


Loved the movie but i love channing Tatum cant wait for another magic mike:) def more stripping! ! Haha


I thoroughly enjoy the movie. I can't wait for part 2. I don't care what the story line would be. This is a great girl's night out movie for fun times. I live in NYC and you can find all types of strip clubs for men but never one for woman. I have girlsfriends who have seen the movie 4 times already. I can't wait for DVD, cause I will definitely buy one.


Hell ya another one needs to be made!!!
My fave part was mikes routine to pony!!!!?


what a piece of shit magic mike is why on earth would someone want to make a seqUAL to a crap movie they must have something missing


Ooooooh, I can't wait!! I loved the first movie and I'm wanting to buy it already!! I really loved the entire movie, especially the stripping scenes! I will surly go see Magic Mike 2!! I don't care about the plot of the movie, I'll go to see the eye candy!!

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