Madonna Points Gun to Head on Stage in London

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Madonna. Is she a revolutionary, provocative entertainer? Or an aging act desperate for attention?

This question has been posed over the last couple weeks, as the Material Girl has gone to unusually extreme lengths on stage during various concerts.

She mooned a crowd in Rome. She purposely slipped a nip in Istanbul. She cried in Berlin. She's facing a lawsuit for flashing a Swastika over the face of a politician in Paris.

And, last night in London, she pulled out a gun and pointed it at her cranium during the single "Gang Bang."

Madonna, Gun to Head

Following the controversy over Lindsay Lohan's recent gun-toting spread - the national suicide hotline referred to that act as "grossly irresponsible," considering the troubled individuals who pull the trigger in real life - it's safe to assume Madonna will also come under fire now for the maneuver.

Should she? What do you make of this loaded gesture?


Madonna can't never do anything wrong!!!!!


what kind of example is this setting. you are sick for doing this. Children are watching. just think you have children. You are a poor excuse for a role model.


Just like her career---"Bang, bang--it's dead!" Retire Madonna---and flaunt your pointy bras on the French Riveria---maybe you should just spend quality time raising your kids proper! Just a thought.


The old girl trying to get attention. She needs to realize she's over the hill.


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Yeah this is just a sad attempt for attention. She totally rocked in the 80s and 90s. Shes over 50. It just looks desperate. Her kids are probably hiding under a rock as we speak. Grow up and act like a classy lady for once!

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