Lindsay Lohan Gets Into ANOTHER Car Accident

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Stop us if you've heard this before, but: Lindsay Lohan got into a car accident yesterday.

No injuries occurred as a result of the fender bender and no tow trucks were needed, but Lohan reportedly got into her black Porsche after a shopping spree in Beverly Hills… only to then hit a stopped vehicle on Sunset Boulevard a short while later.

Lindsay Lohan in Beverly Hills

"We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us," a passenger in the other car told TMZ, adding that some dude with Lindsay left his phone number and apologized before driving off with the crash-prone actress.

As for Lindsay's driving history... she got into an accident in November 2006; and then another one two weeks later; there was also an incident in January 2010, although she was not behind the wheel for it.

Lindsay was also hospitalized just last month after her brakes supposedly failed and she collided with a truck.




Hello, I have a point to share after my qualifications... Should my Chauffeur Services be needed? *I've safely driven every type of Artist's and a British Sir in these places: Las Vegas, South Beach, Atlantic City, Manhattan and now California professionally as a Celebrities Driver, one thing's for sure in my focused observations.... They, these talented people are preoccupied with distraction's from the extraordinary demands of Show Business. Perhaps we politely could... Lighten up off Miss Lohan. Just saying.


She needs her license revoked. She is a danger to public safety. Who the hell leaves an accident? Someone with something to hide, thats who!


OK...leaving the scene ? so now she is in jail right? I would be if that were me...or any other average American...whats the deal? She needs to go back to rehab..and then off to do some real a real jail...before she kills an innocent family...then it will be too late...


That girl needs to hire a driver


What the hell?


This must be some kind of joke???


"Some dude left his phone number and apologized before driving off." That is leaving the scene of an accident. I wonder if Lindsay was driving? I have never heard of someone getting into so many accidents!


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