Lil Scrappy Thanks Frank Ocean, Believes Homosexuality is "Doorway to AIDS"

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Following his admission that he has shared a sexual experience with a man, R&B star Frank Ocean has received plenty of support from the music community.

Both Russell Simmons and the rapper Trina have offered Ocean their best wishes.

Now, Lil Scrappy has also gone on record and given Ocean props... but for a very different reason.

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"I'm glad that he came out," Lil Scrappy told TMZ. "So all the real women that love to mess with real men, straight men, we can keep the AIDS situation down, you feel me?"

This artist - who says he would work with Ocean against in an instant - also believes "[homosexuality] is a doorway to AIDS, scientifically."

Well... according to 2009 data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, man-on-man intercourse results in 61% of all new HIV infections. Yes, that's a majority.

But Lil Scrappy might be surprised by how small of a majority his scientific data actually spits out.


The term 'Lil" needs to be retired. How many more do we need?


Lil Scrappy is a Lot Stupid!


Lil Scrappy's comment is homophobic. Too bad it needs to make negative comments in order to be noticed. His bling looks fake, probably can't afford the real glim.


His comments are so ignorant !!!! Labeling HIV as a gay disease is dangerous. Everybody need to protect themselves. Especially Artists that travel aboard. In America the Majority of cases is gay related. But worldwide, there are over 40 million heterosexual men women, and children affected


Can you feel the racism. A rapper speaks out against gays and not one of you BITCHES have called him Homophobic. Yeah- you racist bastards save that for whites.


Being black is a doorway to AIDS


Good Lord's thinking like yours that is causing all the hate and wars and evil in this world...not two men who love each other.. IF God were to exist (remember, there's NO proof), I think he would be utterly ashamed of people who think like you...aren't we ALL supposed to be "God's children"?
Time for you, and people who think like you, to get you backwards thinking head out of your ass and EVOLVE!


i don't y Americans promote each other in doing evil.dats y ur country is burning wit fire and many natural disasters cse of ur evil immoralities ur doing and see'n it as normal.May Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth hv mercy on u and punish u by destroying ur evil nation lyk Sodom n Gomora

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