Lil Scrappy Thanks Frank Ocean, Believes Homosexuality is "Doorway to AIDS"

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Following his admission that he has shared a sexual experience with a man, R&B star Frank Ocean has received plenty of support from the music community.

Both Russell Simmons and the rapper Trina have offered Ocean their best wishes.

Now, Lil Scrappy has also gone on record and given Ocean props... but for a very different reason.

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"I'm glad that he came out," Lil Scrappy told TMZ. "So all the real women that love to mess with real men, straight men, we can keep the AIDS situation down, you feel me?"

This artist - who says he would work with Ocean against in an instant - also believes "[homosexuality] is a doorway to AIDS, scientifically."

Well... according to 2009 data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, man-on-man intercourse results in 61% of all new HIV infections. Yes, that's a majority.

But Lil Scrappy might be surprised by how small of a majority his scientific data actually spits out.

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You are born gay.It will not go away so embrace it.It took me 5 years to accept my son,who is now 20.Learn to love with no limits,I have.


I go to UCLA.My professor said ten percent of Americans are gay and thirty percent are bi.


So is magic johnson,easy e,the brady bunch dad gay?I wish all gays would come out,it would be good to women,and good to accept them cause it will be normal


I work in southern Ca and Hiv does not discriminate.The largest group of Hiv patients are white men,who we treat.It is real,who cares where it originated.


Actually, the scientist & the monkey is a real & valid theory as a way HIV was spread. A documentary that put that theory into circulation circa late 80's. Ron Jr came out years ago. AND AIDS was also passed to humans via eating contaminated meat & spread due to unsanitary hospital practices in the '30's & 40's. No one truly knows how HIV was spread, but it masked as other illnesses for quite a while - 50+ years/more.


Saying that a scientist - either white or black - had sex with a monkey is just plain stupid. The AIDS started in Africa and the virus infected humans through contact with animal blood (monkeys cut up and used for food) due to the close genetics between monkeys and humans. Also, Reagan's son is not gay (although his father was a hater). Get it right fool.


@Okay-it was a white scientist who had sex w/ an African monkey, had sex w/ African people, one of whom moved to Haiti & infected someone who moved to US. geesh


So combining all the comments~~~ African gay black scientist had sex with monkeys. Somehow Reagan should have stopped the screwing of the monkey. Oh and Ocean is racist. Gotcha! LMAO!


AIDS came to the US via an unknown person from HAITI not Africa. It is thought that it originated in monkeys in Africa & from
1. eating their meat
2. substandard medical practices in WW2 in Africa.
3. Became human epidemic/pandemic b/c a white scientist had sex w/ infected African monkey(s), spread it to Africans - one ended up in Haiti & came to the US.
Get your facts straight!


AIDS started in Africa so it is from a continent populated by mostly black people. Lil Scrappy fool should have stayed in school.