La Toya Jackson Calls For Family Truce

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La Toya Jackson is calling for a truce in the bizarre saga involving her famous family. She's asking that her siblings stop airing the family's dirty laundry in public.

Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie and Randy Jackson have all weighed in on the custody battle surrounding their mother, Katherine, and Michael Jackson's three children.

La Toya is calling on all parties, regardless of which side, to come together and sort it out sensibly - and behind closed doors, away from celebrity gossip sites.

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Also weighing in on the debacle is Michael’s disgraced doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, who reached out to the maligned Katherine Jackson, 82, from prison.

The man found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her son has invited Katherine for a jailhouse talk "to answer any questions she may have."

Meanwhile, Katherine, whose whereabouts were undetermined for a brief period, was finally able to meet with her attorney, Perry Sanders, on Thursday night.

Sanders, who was denied access to the matriarch days earlier, plans to have Katherine’s custody of Michael’s three children reinstated as soon as possible.

Since her grandmother’s return, Paris Jackson, 14, has been sending late-night tweets, raising red flags about the toll this stressful situation is taking.



Moderators- Could you please block these nasty insults and words against the Jackson family. They really hurt.


those insults against the jackson family are uncalled for. Trust me when I tell you that this thing will go to court or else a Riot will ensue. Lana- janet is still beautiful as ever. What's you guys problem? Why do you need to sling insults to make a point? I believe your insults stem from a deeply seated hatred and jealousy of this family. And as far as jobs are concerned, you'll need to stop allowing Romney from sending jobs overseas before you can complain about people being unemployed, through no fault of their own, I am sure.


Poor LaToya, she was so pretty and now she's so demented that she's disfigured her face with plastic surgery and skin bleaching drugs.


Get Paris under control. She was tweeting lyrics to Mikes songs and other junk cause Brunca and his security team were telling her what to tweet acording to the Insider.

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