La Toya Jackson Calls For Family Truce

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La Toya Jackson is calling for a truce in the bizarre saga involving her famous family. She's asking that her siblings stop airing the family's dirty laundry in public.

Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie and Randy Jackson have all weighed in on the custody battle surrounding their mother, Katherine, and Michael Jackson's three children.

La Toya is calling on all parties, regardless of which side, to come together and sort it out sensibly - and behind closed doors, away from celebrity gossip sites.

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Also weighing in on the debacle is Michael’s disgraced doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, who reached out to the maligned Katherine Jackson, 82, from prison.

The man found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her son has invited Katherine for a jailhouse talk "to answer any questions she may have."

Meanwhile, Katherine, whose whereabouts were undetermined for a brief period, was finally able to meet with her attorney, Perry Sanders, on Thursday night.

Sanders, who was denied access to the matriarch days earlier, plans to have Katherine’s custody of Michael’s three children reinstated as soon as possible.

Since her grandmother’s return, Paris Jackson, 14, has been sending late-night tweets, raising red flags about the toll this stressful situation is taking.


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It looks like La Toya has had more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers. LOL!!!!!


shellie You racist little thing wow... Try school books--the answer to ignorance, yea...G-d bless this family.. peace


I never thought La Toya would be the voice of reason, good for her. It appears the majority of the Jackson family is out for money, shame on them. MJ left his money to his mother, his tree children and charity. Everyone else needs to butt out. I'm hoping those poor kids end up with Diana Ross if the grandmother is too old to care for them.


Michael J left evythang to those white kids who aint his biologically. He shoulda left some for his family! He was so ashamed of his self that he gave all he had to those white kids and their mother, that trash Debbie Rowe. The two oldest will one day seek her out to give her money. And that fresh Paris. Like Gladys said she'd be missing some teeth. Tellin a grown up to get "the fuck out."


I just love the photo. The wings coming out of her head sorta fit her image of being bat-crap crazy.


I know you are 78 but what is with the money stays with the jackson mj wanted only his mother and kids to have half his money.I thought you were supposed to respect the deads wishes who cares what color they are it is a new era mam.


I MUST get the name of her plastic surgeon!!!! Also, the bleach cream she uses!!


The kids need to go to a non-Jackson. Get them as far away from that family as possible.


Go block yourself it is my opinion open your eyes .All the jacksons know is how to use people their asshole dad did it to their family all their lives.


Gia- I agree with getting Paris under control. Most of this started with Paris publicly tweeting. The elder Jacksons problem needs to hire a private detective to begin following her tweets and present them to a Judge. She certainly has her mom's ways. A gag order may be an appropriate avenue. "Get Paris under control. She was tweeting lyrics to Mikes songs and other junk cause Brunca and his security team were telling her what to tweet acording to the Insider." Read more celebrity gossip at: http://www.thehollywoodgossip....

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