Kyle Glover, 11-Year Old Stepson of Usher, Dies of Brain Injuries

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Tragic news today for Usher and his estranged ex-wife, Tameka Foster:

Kyle Glover, Tameka's 11-year old son from a previous relationship, has been taken off life support and has passed away two weeks after suffering irreversible brain damage in a jet skiing accident.

Usher and Family

The fatal injury occurred on Lake Lanier in Atlanta on July 8, as Kyle was riding on an inner tube when he was struck by a passer-by in a jet ski. That individual is named Jeffrey S. Hubbard and is in under investigation for his actions.

Doctors quickly determined that Kyle was medically brain dead and he had been on life support in the hospital until this morning.

The tragedy took place while Usher and Foster were engaged in a contentious custody fight for the two kids they share. But that court battle has now taken a backseat to the sad circumstances surrounding Glover.

We send our thoughts and prayer to his family.

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People are so rude and jump to conclusions... 1) Tameka wasnt there! Her son was with family friends. HOW MANY OF US HAVE LEFT OUR CHILDREN IN THE CARE OF FAMILY FRIENDS, overnight camps, extended family members, etc? I have. Thats the chance we all take. 2) This little boy had/has a biological father who was very much in his life. This isnt all about the mother and Usher. 3) It was an accident. Things sometimes tragically go wrong. Its how life is! Yes, I agree its not fair, and I pray to God that my children are always safe when out of my care. 4) Race has absolutely nothing to do with any of this!! Its about a family who has lost a child! Would those talking `smack` be saying the same thing if the family were white? Or hispanic? What about asian, native american, middle eastern, or anyother race/nationality? Get a grip people!!!


Its a real tragedy he was too young,but i pray dat God heals d wounds of d parents and luved one's,may soul rest in peace


This is a sad situation and reading alot of these comments is a piss off. Just to show how ignorant alot of people are out here in this world. Everytime there is a situation race is always brought up. It doesnt matter what color you are cause at the end of the day you all serve the same god. and either going to heaven or hell no matter what color you are. This is a mother who is grieving and some of you can just talk about how irresponsible she is by letting her 11yr old ride an inner tube on a jet ski. which i am damn sure half of you all will too. you people is ridiculous, sad and just stupid. My Heart and prayers goes out to the family. RIP Kyle Glover!


This shouldn't even be a matter of race. Just like some blacks, whites and Hispanics do not take care of their children. Just because one black person does something crazy does not make the whole race crazy. Just like that batman massacre doesn't make the whole white race crazy. This is a tragedy. It could be a white person, Spanish person or even Asian. The only reason we know about it is because usher is a celebrity. I don't get how everything is turned into a matter of race. It's 2012, get over it. I'm white and this is an absolute disgrace to all races


Rest in peace Kyle.. Prayers are with tameka and family.


Foo there is no projects on tha westside.Damit foo.You need to hit the books.


You hit up the welfare dept. and your like damit.Who let the white chicks out of the barnyard.foos be tripping on blacks.


You swear fucken white chicks stroll down the blvd. with kids in hanging on to the left arm while the right arm is raised taking a toke on the pipe.Looking strung out and barefooted.


@samantha.....your view on black people is soo sad!! know studies show that black people are actually more civilized and better at protecting their kids...than any other race.......seriously.....there probably some parents from other races that are don't go about judging blacks.....because they are people too!!!!


I love kids so much dat my heart drops each time a kid gets hurt. God, help me find d heart to forgive d killer who killed this ANGEL.