Kristen Stewart Penning Apology to Liberty Ross, Source Says

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Kristen Stewart has already apologized to the public for her makeout session with Rupert Sanders, much to the consternation and horror of Robert Pattinson.

Now, an insider tells Radar Online, the actress is prepared to address Sanders' wife directly. She is apparently writing a note to Liberty Ross.

Liberty Ross Photo
Kristen Stewart at a Press Conference

"Kristen didn’t feel it was appropriate to issue a public apology to Liberty once the story of her affair with Rupert broke," the source says. “Instead, she’s going to do the decent thing and write Liberty a private letter expressing her deepest regret for her actions."

The mole goes on to say that Stewart only wanted to mention Pattinson in her initial statement because she's "desperate to save" that relationship.

But she feels "awful" for getting in between a man, a wife and his two children.

For whatever it's worth to either Ross or Pattinson, a reliable website claims Stewart and Sanders did NOT have sex.



Some people havent seen how important of things they have until they lose them. Right now when Rob was out of her life, K sees how much she lost


i feel bad for rob.


I hope that woman tells that girl to kiss her ass with that apology.


They didn't have sex? Haha...yeah and i'm the queen of England.


C'est la verite! Jazzy francais!


it is crepe. french word. easy to make and nutella spread on it is great. not crape. carpe diem is latin for live the present day. anyhow why cheat on someone you say you love? this guy does not understand cheaters. and she wanted some actions in her life cause she said everything is given to her. she screwed up....she is a tramp. sex or not. rupert is way wrong. she could be his daughter. liberty seems unhappy and i think robert is not destroyed by hollywood. huiumble guy who needs to find a girl outside of holly drama wood.... i dont like cheaters. she lost something good. hope he dont take her back cause once a cheater always a cheater


I am so sick of these "private jet liberals" who think they are above reproach. They didn't have sex? Bullshit! People only confess to what they were caught at. Also, what married woman would welcome a letter of apology from the woman who was messing with her husband? Not me! I would geld that cheating SOB!


I'm so sick of this played out story already. Nothing new really it is always a source or friend said. It is the six people involved business. the story and comments are repetitive. Whatever happens will not affect any of our lives in any shape or form.People are way too worried and judgemental over people they will never meet in their lifetime. No more gossip sites for me. This is worst than the tom and katie story becuz there is no real news but so called stories. Sorry for the rant.

Kellie m

Kristen is a piece of garbage. She knew he was married and she knew he had children and had even spent time with the wife and kids. How in the hell do you do that??? I hope Rob ditches her. He can find someone who will treat him with dignity. Kristen has no dignity. And to anyone who is going to diss me for only blaming Kristen, I blame Rupert just as much if not more for cheating on his wife and kids. He is a huge pile of garbage too. @idha the phrase is carpe diem...a crape is a yummy kind of food. I don't see how carpe diem plays any role here. Do you know what it means?


Kristen Stewart is the poster girl for FEMALE CHEATING.Too much sex in the city and porno i women too many any ideas.Tsk Tsk

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