Kristen Stewart Cheating with Rupert Sanders: More Photos!

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Turn away, Robert Pattinson. Turn away right now!

Us Weekly has released a slew of new photos from Kristen Stewart's July 17 tryst with Rupert Sanders, and they do not make either half of this cheating couple look good. At all.

Part of a collection available in the latest issue of this tabloid - on newsstands now! - the pictures depict Stewart and her Snow White director driving around Los Angeles and looking for spots to make out.

As you can see here and in the previous pair of leaked photos, they were unfortunately successful...

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders
Rupert Sanders with Kristen Stewart

"Kristen was sitting with her back up against that driver's-side window, and this guy was kissing her entire body," the photographer tells the magazine, adding of the snuggling session depicted above:

"She was lost in the moment. It was clearly all she was thinking about."

Stewart has described her cheating as a "momentary indiscretion," but the photographic evidence makes it clear this moment lasted for quite awhile, involving various stops along the way.

Pattinson has reportedly moved out of the (ex?) couple's home in Los Angeles, while Sanders' brother-in-law swears this affair lasted for months.

It's all a giant mess, especially when one considers that Kristen went out with Rob on two occasions right after her games of tonsil hockey with Sanders: they were spotted at L.A.'s Hotel Cafe on July 19 and the Teen Choice Awards on July 22.

Do you think Pattinson should forgive Stewart?


I have no idea...I don't really know what is going on. If I knew kristen and she confided in me then I would give my oppinon!


a). get a life!
b). see "A"


I, too, am deeply emotional for all those involved. I love both Robert and Kristen and therefore unable to choose sides. I do hope, however, for Robert to gracefully move pass this, because there is a lot more "ART" left in him. I wish for Kristen and Rupert to try to make amends, if your respective partner doesn't feel up to it, you simply move on and give them space. To Mrs. Liberty and her kids, if you truly love this man and you can move on, you do that, cause great relationships shouldn't end because of stupidity. Despite my stance, there should not be and there isn't an excuse for cheating.


He's hot, love his moves....but I have sense to not get involved with a married man. I have morals.


I feel so sorry for both Rob and Kristen, however, I'm a firm believer that cheaters don't win. As much as I love the two, Robert is right to step away to let his mind clear, and Kristen needs to take this time to own up to what she did and prove herself again. She needs to prove to him that she does love him with all of her heart, that she was just being terribly stupid, and SHOW him, not TELL him how much she loves him. I wish the both of you best of luck in deciding how to go about your relationship.


Wonder why Kristen doesn't have a right ear?


I'm only 10 but my aunt can have you email me she is really pretty hahah! Kristen you are retarted Rupert you have a wife and kids why you are retarted to Kristen don't think about getting a boyfriend for a long time


Robert come and be with meee :)) email me!!!


"only time a woman cheats is when the man isn't making her feel like a woman"
Of course it is the guys fault when a woman cheats!


They are acting. All of these are part of the act. The very talented actors with the plan.
That's why they did it openly, so public could easily notice, to camouflage their plan.
They always come up with a plan and acting, like when they accepted MTV Movie Bess kiss award. They were acting. They did it on purpose.
Same as this one, Rupert was helping them doing the plan.
Besides, Kristen would not get confuse between Robert and Rupert, would she?
Anyway, now Rob can live his life quiet and peaceful for a while, which is good for him. Not sure how long this would last. I wonder where he was moving all his stuff out to? To a new secret house, maybe.

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