Kristen Stewart Cheating with Rupert Sanders: More Photos!

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Turn away, Robert Pattinson. Turn away right now!

Us Weekly has released a slew of new photos from Kristen Stewart's July 17 tryst with Rupert Sanders, and they do not make either half of this cheating couple look good. At all.

Part of a collection available in the latest issue of this tabloid - on newsstands now! - the pictures depict Stewart and her Snow White director driving around Los Angeles and looking for spots to make out.

As you can see here and in the previous pair of leaked photos, they were unfortunately successful...

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders
Rupert Sanders with Kristen Stewart

"Kristen was sitting with her back up against that driver's-side window, and this guy was kissing her entire body," the photographer tells the magazine, adding of the snuggling session depicted above:

"She was lost in the moment. It was clearly all she was thinking about."

Stewart has described her cheating as a "momentary indiscretion," but the photographic evidence makes it clear this moment lasted for quite awhile, involving various stops along the way.

Pattinson has reportedly moved out of the (ex?) couple's home in Los Angeles, while Sanders' brother-in-law swears this affair lasted for months.

It's all a giant mess, especially when one considers that Kristen went out with Rob on two occasions right after her games of tonsil hockey with Sanders: they were spotted at L.A.'s Hotel Cafe on July 19 and the Teen Choice Awards on July 22.

Do you think Pattinson should forgive Stewart?


All i have to say is OUCH for Robert Patterson... imagine seeing someone you care about most in the world up against a fence like that with someone else.


Mi problem z not wit kristen o rupert mi problem z eit e photographer....y stick yo nose geez get a life...nwe yo all strong ull move on o somethng i just wish u luck...o rob yo still hot


EVeryone knows how it feels when someone cheats on you.
Be strong, Rob.
There are so many more girls out there who would respect and love you like they should.
Hope you get over this soon. All of us are with you.
Forgive her for all that she's done, and move on.


These are two young ppl in love,no one is perfect we all make mistake at some point in our lives, am sure RB is hurt, but ill got over it,and sure she is sorry as hell,but they will work it out in times to come,so am not knocking kristen,didnt say she is right, just voicing my oppinion


I'm, like, shattered...


Pictures don't lie, Rob should dump her and now she wants the dog or at least joint custody. It is her way of keeping Robert in her life by using the dog. It's not enough she broke his heart, now she really wants to hurt him more, using the dog. Rob didn't do anything wrong here. Do the right thing, Kristen, give him the dog. You've got your new boyfriend and who knows how many others there have been.


Wake up people they were never a couple this is a way for the twilight promoters to keep you interested, rob and kristen were never BF GF that was only to keep the momentum going for the movies now that last one is coming out they need a way to break them up and here it you actually think people with that kind of money would go so public they could have went anywhere they wanted and kept away from the camera's THEY WERE TOLD NOT TOO!! Get it out there the movie will be out in three months they can't keep letting the fans think rob and kristin are together


u are a bicth


Why do i think there are drugs involved in this?


i read the facts, and the facts are this. The momentary indescretion as they called it lasted for months, he is married with kids, and she had a boyfriend. but allas, its not all her fault, its their falt.

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