Kristen Stewart Cheating with Rupert Sanders: More Photos!

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Turn away, Robert Pattinson. Turn away right now!

Us Weekly has released a slew of new photos from Kristen Stewart's July 17 tryst with Rupert Sanders, and they do not make either half of this cheating couple look good. At all.

Part of a collection available in the latest issue of this tabloid - on newsstands now! - the pictures depict Stewart and her Snow White director driving around Los Angeles and looking for spots to make out.

As you can see here and in the previous pair of leaked photos, they were unfortunately successful...

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders
Rupert Sanders with Kristen Stewart

"Kristen was sitting with her back up against that driver's-side window, and this guy was kissing her entire body," the photographer tells the magazine, adding of the snuggling session depicted above:

"She was lost in the moment. It was clearly all she was thinking about."

Stewart has described her cheating as a "momentary indiscretion," but the photographic evidence makes it clear this moment lasted for quite awhile, involving various stops along the way.

Pattinson has reportedly moved out of the (ex?) couple's home in Los Angeles, while Sanders' brother-in-law swears this affair lasted for months.

It's all a giant mess, especially when one considers that Kristen went out with Rob on two occasions right after her games of tonsil hockey with Sanders: they were spotted at L.A.'s Hotel Cafe on July 19 and the Teen Choice Awards on July 22.

Do you think Pattinson should forgive Stewart?


This could have happened to anyone. Dont be quick to judge . They should find out the cause of the happening and try to solve a relationship if they still love each other. It could have happened the other way around with Robert being the cause. Whatever happens, happens for a reason!


I agree, Kristen has no talent whatsoever. She should have never been picked to play Bella. Bella was not always so depressed looking, though she was depressed often throughout the first book, but she at least had a personality. Kristen always looks and acts like she's addicted to crack. I won't say she's not attractive, at times she can be but the majority of the time she looks drained and lifeless. She should have known better, it doesn't matter that she's young, millions of young adults and teenagers experience hormone changes but they don't cheat and remain faithful. I never liked her because of her poor acting skills, but now I really resent her. She's just another screw up in the Hollywood industry.


y que donde se come no se caga ,los dos son jovenes no tienen nada que perder y si mucho que probar ,no fue la manera mas linda de terminar pero asi es la vida ,ROB yo particularmente he tenido fantasias con el ,al parecer es genial ,cool ,gentle ,cariñoso ,ademas de talentoso ,DE HECHO YO TE QUIERO LO QUE ESTOY ALGO VIEJA PARA TI (JAJAJAJJAAJA)Pero asi funciona lo que creemos que viene por mal ,viene por un bieN aunque todavia no sabes cual ademas aquel que tiene mujer le pueden pasar esas cosas y mas ,eres talentoso y eso pasara,KRISTEN te odio por ser linda y por haber estado con Robert te ira bien eres joven y si a otros les han perdonado(o mejor OLVIDADO )te pasara lo mismo,no has matado a nadie simplemente has hecho lo que muchas quisieramos hacer lo que a ti te costo ALGO MAS de esta experiencia solo APRENDE O MEJOR APRENDAN LOS DOS Y VAYAN ACOSTUMBRANDOSE ESTO ES SOLO EL COMIENZO


continuacion del mensaje anterior:
Kristen tocaste fondo sabes lo que parece? pareciera como si te hubieses prostituido por un papel en una pelicula. Si eso parece yo no se que hay en esa cabesita tuya ademas de haber dialogos de peliculas no parece haber nada mas! ojala leas esto juro que de todas las cosas que pudiste haber hecho: matar un perro, pelear con alguien, nose robar algo, caer hasta en las drogas es mas perdonable que serle infiel a tu pareja con alguien casado alguien que ya tiene dueña que tiene familia que no puede darte lo que un hombre de verdad puede dedicarte su vida entera porque lo que ese director de cuarta hiso es de maricones si maricones y lo que tu hiciste es de prostitutas ni el mismisimo Edward si existiera te perdonaria espero que vivas mucho tiempo con la culpa carcomiendo tus entrañas.


Rupert Sanders should have an equal share in the vitriole that is aimed primarily at Kristen (both in the media and by commenters on the whole saga). They BOTH should have known better.


It's not about being young it is knowing the difference of right and wrong. kristen is wrong and untalented so Rob move on find some right. Who when you have a respect for you.


Kristen's young. People tend to get carried away with emotions/raging hormones. I think she loved Robert but her love wasn't real love. Her emotions weren't too strong for Robert. Though, atleast shewasn't caught having sex w/ Rupert Sanders. Cheating is a common problem on relationships. One lie after another when you value the person you're lying to. The orblem is, th consequences are so big, the damage inflicted will be stronger as the amount of lies increase. I don't feel sympathy for Robert/Kristen/Director. Robert's a fool, Kristen's an idiot and the Director's a pervert.


What she did is impardonable.
Anyone thinking at the cheated woman and her children? Did Kristen thought even for a second at them ?
I mean,letting aside who she is and the fans, think for a moment: what would you say about a woman, any woman, who is cheating on her bf/fiancé/husband with a married man, father of two children, ages 7 and 5 for months? Was she going home after having sex with her film director, kissing Robert Pattinson and telling him ''Hi Honey, i'm so tired.Can we leave it for tomorrow?'' ?
Despite that tear-begging & diabetically sweet story about the ''beautiful young woman'' who ''strides down the sidewalk alone'', by Jodie Foster, i think she did just what any common whore does. Just a selfish bitch.


If they really love each other they should just get over it and make up but if not she has to deal with the consequences! Why make life difficult?


Stupid ugly talentless whore.I never liked her, now i dont like her even more.She's just an ugly annoying person who can't act for shit and needs to be sleeping around with directors of movies just to get a fkn role.Yuk yuk yuk.Robert needs to stay away from this ugly manipulative bitch.

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