Kristen Stewart Apologizes for "Momentary Indiscretion" with Rupert Sanders

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WOW. Kristen Stewart has come out and owned up to a romantic interlude with director Rupert Sanders.

Within hours of an Us Weekly cover blasting this story to the world, and with photos of a kiss between Stewart and Sanders heating up the Internet, the actress has taken the very rare course of admitting to her actions and addressing the man most affected by them, boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con
Rupert Sanders Picture

"I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected," the actress said in a just-released statement. "This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry."

This is a remarkable development all around, considering Stewart and Pattinson rarely acknowledge they are even dating.

But Stewart gave herself no choice here but to accept responsibility for her cheating ways. Could it actually affect the box office haul of Breaking Dawn Part 2? How will Twihards react to the many appearances Kristen is likely to make in promotion of that film?

Will Robsten stay together?

So many questions. Not many answers at the moment. Just a stunned, crushed fan base trying to determine its next step.

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honestly things happen and in any relationship there will be temptations. this will be something we as fans should stay out of...rob and stewert have to work this out without the media butting in. if she is really sorry about it then she will have to make it up to him and if they brake up well best of luck to both of them


Seriously, it happens. She didn't sleep with the guy she kissed him. She's kissed tons of other guys. The only difference is some of them are on screen and those are okay but not some stupid mistake she made. Get over it.


It's all good and well that some are defending and praising her for owning up and apologizing, but this girl has had a hand in some terrible damage. She helped wreck a home. What about the wife and two young children of the director? He's a bastard for cheating, and is equally to blame, but it's not as if she didn't know he had a family.


Everyone makes mistakes. He is also twenty years older than she is. Kristen and Rob are so quiet about their relationship, how do you know that she hadn't already owned up to it to him and now it's being outed in the media? Let's hope they work it out and it never happens again on either side.


This is ridiculous. Yes, she may have cheated, yes, that is bad. But it doesn't make her a slut, she made a mistake, and owned up to it. Whether Robert and Kristen were even in a relationship in the first place isn't any of the Twilight fans' business. It really shouldn't affect Breaking Dawn Part 2.


Oh good grief!!! She admitted to kissing him, NOT sleeping with him!! So Jp that brandishes her a wh**e?!?! Wow!! I hope you don't have any daughters, Lord only knows what you would call them if you caught them kissing someone! Such harsh words from such perfect people right??? LOL


Im not defending her actions but how many of us made a mistake???? At least she owned up to it, admitted it, and appoligized for it! More then some people (celebrities and non-celebrities!)


She kinda had to accept responsibility since there are pictures to back up the story!


wow... I didn't know celebrities actually owned up to thier indiscretions


Little sl.ut you just brandished yourself as a whore forever.

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