Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Not Speaking!

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Robert Pattinson has moved out of the home he shared with Kristen Stewart, that much we already knew.

But a fresh report suggests these stars are not utilizing Skype or sending texts or even dropping any direct Facebook messages: Stewart and Pattinson are not speaking at the moment, People sources say.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in London

The impasse, of course, is a result of Stewart's admitted affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Pattinson has not issued any statements on the embarrassing, hurtful matter, but insiders claim he's appalled that Kristen took the scandal public and is in hiding, trying to figure out his next step.

But the star will need to come out relatively soon, and he'll need to appear alongside Stewart when he does so: Pattinson and his Twilight costar are scheduled to present together September 6 at the MTV Video Music Awards.

It's safe to assume a few people might be tuning in for that now.

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that whole situation sucks... I'm glad I'm not affected by it


She screwed up, but if what's been said over the years about his love for her, he should forgive her. I mean even Jesus forgave Judas!


I feel sorry for both...for kristen you never want to be labeled as a cheater. I hope they both can move on from their mistakes..they are so young and who out there didnt make some bad judgement calls in your twentys. Best of luck to both of them


Kristen is a two timing bitch she cheated on Robert with Rupert who he cheated on his wife knowing he has two children what they both did was hurtful and wrong I hope that's Robert breaks up with her answer never looks back he does not need her he will move on so I wish him all the best as for liberty I hope that she divorces Rupert and take the children with her.


im sure Rob can forgive her,but for geting back togather is no.those picture will stay forever,and tht would be keep remaining Rob wth the affair tht cheater kristen hs done.
I love u Rob,please be patience.hope you will find another girl who really really love you.not jst like cheater kristen,she said she love you but also cheated on you.
And Kristen,you pretty and also nasty


She started wrong by dating Rob , i kno she loves him , da thing is in Hollywood u have to get down with Directors to get job alwayz , so dat why she ended up cheating with a married man , oh we must nt 4get dat she said everything is easy 4 her in Hollywood , my ges is she was going to sleep with every Director . Gud luck Kristen , but they watching u now.


i dont blame Rob like she hurt him. I wouldnt speak to her either.


I knew that their relationship would hit the skids as soon as the last film premiered. It was for the film's publicity all along. Another thing, this was bound to happen too, since she can't act and for publicity for the next film. The casting couch is her way of securing roles and keeping them. It just can't be a coincidence that she ended up in bed w/men in both films. They say that she's aloof, but it is her personality which she has none. She plays the same role in both film franchises, pouting and in need of rescue. She definitely cannot act, and in her interviews she shows the same one as in her acting which isn't much of a personality at all.


Pretty sure she's feeling the pain of her mistake right now. I think for hollywood couples its even harder to stay together than normal couples, they're apart often and that takes its toll. I hope they get though it, actually. They seem suited for each other.


i feel sorry for them both. it's not fair for Robert to be used that way. at the same time i think he should give her another chance. She's on;y human after all and humans are not divine. plus,Spending a lot of time with a person can cause some attraction.she's spending too much time away from Robert. once she lost him Kristin knew her mistake. I hope they reunite soon. I love them.