Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Fans React to Infidelity: NOOOOO!

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There can be no denying it at this point: Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, a 41-year old father of two.

The actress, incredibly, came right out today, admitted to the affair and apologized for her actions. She also pleaded for Pattinson's love.

As you might expect, dedicated Twihards and Robsten followers aren't exactly taking the news well. Led by the YouTube user commonly referred to as "Nutty Madam," who wants everyone to leave Kristen and Rob alone, read through some of the most distraught Tumblr postings below:

daironline: I'm still hoping that the whole Kristen cheating on Robert thing isn't true, but if it is, I have definitely lost all faith in love.

yousaidyoudkeepmehonest: Having serious sympathy pains. Feel like I've been cheated on.

twilight whispers: I want her to say she was drunk or drugged or whatever. I want this nightmare to end.

theworldwillendinfire: How could you do this to my baby angel, Kristen?

fool-4-love: THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING I DONT BELIEVE IT. they were supposed to get married and have babies and be together forever. my poor shipper heart is breaking. ROBSTEN FOREVER IDC BYE.

Should Robert forgive Kristen and stay with her?

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22 year old cheating with a married man! Stupid bitch.
No one saw it coming? Didn't she leave her old boyfriend for Rob?


it looks as if the photographs were taken on a public street, so she put her little affair on display for the public... she made her own business public.


GIMMIE A BREAK! Of course she cheated both Rob & her are young and still finding out who they are in thw world. It happens it's part of life. Any of you girls so into Rob face facts he wouldn't give any of you the time of day. They will either get over this or they won't. Whatever, a married man will be alot harder on her self-esteem than she might think. Good Luck! Keep a stiff upper chin and all that. Please,try to use better judgement next time. When they say Hollywood will eat you up & spit you out before you know whats up this could be the start of that.


This is so sad, people are reacting like this actually happen to a friend or family member. SMDH


Like Ive said before, Rob is a faggot just like my 2 brothers, Raymond and Roy. I hate it! It disgusts me. I dont want my brothers anywhere near me or my family. Im fat like my gf Angel but its only because we're lazy. Call me a pig anyday but not a homo. Its an embarassment. I live in east TN & idc who knows how i feel but Robert should have been honest from the get go & not faked a relationship with Kristen. So anyway, guess mr. Vampire's cover is blown & I never support the Twilight movies because of Rob.


She should have said nothing. Much more tactful. One's life even an affair should be kept private I think.


@alex g....What in the hell are u mumbling about????? U dont make any sense! Are u drunk? High? Illiterate?? Maybe stupid?? Rewrite what your trying to say & make sense this time...Or go take another swig of that moonshine!


@alex g Don't be bitching at me bitch


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